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fibro, stomach flu, chills, nothing else.. Please help.
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lynway - January 23

Hello, here's the reader's digest version. 6 years policystic ovary left side all removed, complications but made it through. 5 years ago breast cancer with surgery, chemo and radiation. 4 years ago fibro diagnosis, 3.5 years ago hemochromatosis, 2 years ago right side policystic ovary with everything taken out. This year lumbar arthritis.
Now I got what I thought was stomach flu started last Thursday with the usual huge stomach pain, with a little bowel movement but not much (also chronic constipation). During that night I must have started a fever because I got teeth chattering chills that caused muscle spams all over my torso and legs. Here we are three days later, no diareah, no nausea, no vomiting, but a low grade fever and aching stomach. Is it the spams that have caused the stomach pain? Or do I possibly still have the 'bug' in me because I don't evacuate well.
Any help would be great, I'm supposed to go to Cuba for a weeks' vacation next week but I can't go sick!!!


Fantod - January 23

lynway - Welcome to the board. You may or may not know that chronic constipation is part of IBS.

If you have a fever, you have an infection of some sort. Have you called your doctor or gone to a walk in clinic? There is some nasty stuff going around right now including a persistent stomach bug. You may need an antibiotic. A friend of mine had the same thing that dragged on for about ten days. He ended up with medication. Get thee to a physician and feel better soon. Take care.


lynway - January 23

Yes I will be going to the clinic tomorrow morning they are all closed on the weekend. And thank you for the IBS, you know I had never thought of that and my youngest daughter has IBS but has the opposite effect.
I'm going to start on a water soluble fiber regiment as soon as I get rid of this bug.



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