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2 Replies
Fantod - June 22

Just wondering how you are. I believe that you will have had some treatment/surgery on the ulcers on your tongue. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and hoping for good news. Take care.


Fantod - June 25



fibromite.u.k. - June 27

Hi Fantod, it's really nice of you to think of me and I do appreciate it. I am going into hospital for the day this Wednesday (two days time) to have the biopsy on the ulcer on my tongue. Needless to say I am nervous about it and will be glad when it is over. The strange thing is that it has gone down a lot in size now after being so big all this year.

We were away on holiday last week and when we got back there was a letter waiting to ask me to contact my doctor. When I did, it was to tell me that some blood test results had come through which told I have aneamia again. This keeps happening to me, despite eating iron rich food. I have to see my doctor tomorrow to discuss this. There is still some speculation that I may have rheumatoid arthritis and I have read that this can cause aneamia. I have to see the rhumatologist again at the end of next week.

I remember telling you of the problems I was having with my Dad of nearly 90 years old and all his health problems. Well, this has really come to a head and he had an assesment which said that he is no longer safe to be at home even with carers in four times a day. We are in the process of looking for a nursing home for him. While we were away, he was taken into hospital again after falling at home. Hopefully, we can get things moving and get him into a home when he is able to be out of hospital

So as you can see, life it very busy and quite tension-filled at the moment. I was so looking forward to a week away, but with my Dad being taken into hospital, and myself having a bad chest once again, and the fact that it rained all week so that we weren't able to get on the beach, it was rather a failure. Now that we are back, it is beautiful sunny and warm weather!

Anyway, Fantod, thank-you once again for your concern, it is more than most of my relations and friends bother about. I am sorry this has been so long, and I will keep you posted.



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