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38 Replies
Rebecca - April 6

I believe there is truth in what you say, but I also believe too that our diet plays a huge roll with Fibromyalgia.Its unbelievable the crap we put in our bodys.The chemicals they put in food to presurve it or to make it smell good.we live in a world of greed and its killing people. Its all about the old mighty buck.I could write pages and pages of study's on sugar,breads,fast foods and the chemicals they use to make it smeel good.plan and simple our body's can't take it any more. And the majority of the people who read this sight for answers and support are closed minded.We should research all the possibilitys. so what if its afd approved, the question is what are the long term affects.they really don't know.there may or may not be a cure for fms.but i do believe that we can learn to manage it by what we eat and how we take care of ourselves.The FDA, DOCTORS


JJ - April 6

Dang. My inability to concentrate and focus due to FMS is making it impossible to read what you posted. Can you break it up into paragraphs, separate the hyperlinks with a space, do something to make it more readable? Just a suggestion. i will try to come back later when I can focus better. :-)


Mad_Joints - September 16

To Rebecca and entrance_to_reality - you are right - some people whinge and moan about their symptoms, but are too narrow/closed minded to actually get themselves better. As for the comment of making money - how ridiculous in this instance- entrance_to_reality isn't selling anything. That's the thanks you get for trying to help some people. - and it infuriates me to think that if it were up to Lois then we wouldn't be allowed to see entrance_to_reality's post even ! Makes me mad - lack of public knowledge on dangers of some antibiotics and mercury fillings is what's made a lot of us ill in the first place, and some people want to put all their trust in GP's and government dentists.
My health was on downward spiral from 2009, it was made hundred times worse within days of being given Ciprofloxacin antibiotic. GP said I had CFS/FMS symptoms but by then I’d realised the connection to the antibiotic (I’d kept a diary)
I refused to be beaten and told by GP that he could only give painkillers and anti-depressants – I searched elsewhere for answers. It’s 12 months since taking the antibiotic, I’m avoiding things that put extra strain on my body, like alcohol etc, and foods that my body has developed intolerances to, and I’m now in the process of removing my fillings, - my health is slowly improving. I can now walk again, make a cup of tea without my wrists “going” on me, drive the car etc. I’ve further to go, - I’m determined to be well enough to do more hours at work, cycle, jog, and kayak again – basically I want my health back so that I can enjoy things healthy people take for granted.
Sufferers out there - Do not let the Lois, Coco, Andrea and Al's of this world get you down.
Yes everyone is different and various things cause different symptoms in people. But please listen to people who have made progress, through reading and investigating and trying - not the ones that have given up ;)


January - September 17

Mad_Joints -- I got so sick I nearly died because I was repeatedly treated with antibiotics that I had bad reactions to. I kept going back to the medical experts, saying I felt terrible. Nobody ever put it together that it was the drugs causing my problems. I finally did, quit them and got better, but I am left with some long term damage.

I have a friend who swears she developed long term joint pain from Cipro. I've read similar stories. There is a good website run by pharmacists called peoplespharmacy (dot) com.

I do not believe that my doctors know everything, certainly not when I've lived in this body as long as I have - they can't possibly know as much as I do about how I react to things and how I feel. There are many things I know more about than certain doctors. I've had to correct some doctors who were prescribing me drugs I already told them I was allergic to! They did not understand the classes of drugs - they thought if a drug was spelled differently, it wasn't the same class of drug that caused me an allergic reaction! I went to a doctor who got very upset when I told her I supplemented with an over the counter mineral (I had tested low in this mineral). "Where did you get that?" she screamed. "At the health food store," I told her.

Maybe 60 years ago you could believe your doctor, who was probably better educated and probably had better morals. It seems Medicine is now a big money-making game - they want to "sell you" on their drugs, treatment and services. There is so much scandal behind the scenes. Money and power protects people who are incompetent. So buyer beware and do your own research!


powderblue - October 10

You have to take everything you read about fibro with a grain of salt- if only it was that simple. I didn't have any fillings in my mouth when I first got fibro and has only had one very small filling eighteen years before in one of my baby teeth. A dentist told me years ago that removing fillings can cause a release of mercury especially if your dentist doesn't use dental dams.


TruthSetFree - December 30

you can lead a horse to water....I can understand peoples reluctance to try a method of cure not "sanctioned" by the orthodoxy. There is a lot of money spent on subtle conditioning so most people will go to "the authorities" even when they offer little or no relief of symptoms and certainly no cure. I was acutely poisoned 3 years ago and nearly died. The authorities told me it was all in my head, after blowing a few hundred on crack pot remedies, I figured there was nothing left to do but wither away -- I then came across Andrew Cutlers protocol mentioned in CureZone. I did some investigation and he didn't seem like a crack pot. Phd in Chemistry, and many testimonials. I bought the book Amalgam Illness-- best $35 I have ever spent. 3 years later I am no longer bed ridden in extreme pain. I have been able to return to work full time -- I could go on and on , but suffice it to say I am my old self again. I owe my life to Andy. Those who argue it is a money scam. who is making money? At $35 Andy is not getting rich off his book. The only items he recommends are supplements found at most quality health stores. ALA is $15 a bottle. And he isn't selling it. IF you google his name you will find most links are positive, those that are not usually have a financial interest in some other detox method or are associated with medical orthodoxy. I am not against the AMA -- They are great for trauma or most infectious diseases, but for most chronic diseases they offer nothing. And I am not saying Cutlers protocol will cure every chronic disease, but if you are metal toxic, my and many others will swear by it.


TruthSetFree - December 30

I have heard many horror stories of people who have had bad reactions to fluoroquinolones (Cipro). This can cause long term symptoms very similar to metal toxicity. Of course, Andy Cutlers Detox protocol will not help that. We are exposed to many toxins, and we all have varying degrees of tolerance and natural ability to detox. Metal toxins are just but one, in my mind a major one. Fortunately, Andy Cutler has discovered a way to assist the body to detox them. Try his method, what do you have to loose. $35 for his book (heck you don't need that if you read web posts on it carefully), a hundred or so for some supplements. You should have already (safely) removed all toxic mercury from your teeth, right? I mean why would you keep it in there?


mshouleruk - January 15

Doctors and scientists study the sick and from that they learn how to be sick, and what being sick means. The secret to getting well is to totally ignore all that lot and study only people that are well or that have gotten well or are getting well. These people, whom ever they are and what ever their illness will always have something useful to tell you


Mpoisoned - April 15

entrance_to_reality, after one year of peregrination with the most different symptoms of fybromialgia, and talking to many specialists (reumato, dermato, general phys., and so on), I found a doctor that said basically what you say in this post.
He is treating me for mercury poisoning. I am now removing all the amalgam from my teeth.
I'm taking supplements, and feel already better. My skin is starting to regenerate from 7 months of itch, rash. Joints are still not so good; my elbows get brown when the symptoms are starting. But he said that the next step is the chelation therapy. I'll start that next week. I expect to get cured in about 4 to 6 months.

People shouldn't speak negatively about what they don't know.

I feel clearly a difference every time when I go to the dentist to remove the amalgam, exactly like the doctor said that it would happen... The symptoms are increased for a few days... then the drop again. That's because whe inhale more mercury while doing the removal.

People, open your eyes; open your minds...

I wish the best for all fybromialgia suffers in this forum.


January - April 19

Mpoisoned - glad you are feeling better. I went to a doctor back when I was very sick who did IV chelation therapy on me. I got sicker. He did not tell me (and apparently, he did not know) that chelation removes not only the BAD minerals from your body, but the GOOD ones as well. As you go through chelation (and you may need it), make sure you get your mineral levels (like potassium, magnesium, etc.) monitored - you may need to supplement while you undergo the chelation. Good luck with it.


FM42 - April 25

People with mercury amalgams inhale between 4 and 21 micrograms of mercury vapor per day. The EPA says a 70 kg person should not have an intake of more than 7 micrograms per day. In those who cannot excrete mercury well it gradually builds up in the various organs of the body to cause a variety of symptoms. It affects the pituitary gland, thyroid, liver and brain, and reduces the conversion of thyroid hormones and the production of cortisol.

See the case history of one person with fibro who was cured by chelation
in Mercury Poisoning: The Undiagnosed Epidemic.


crankyclown - May 31

Rebecca,I read your post.I have Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome with Post-Traumactic Fibromyalgia.I was hit in a auto accident at 33 yrs. old.I will be 52 yrs this June.Their is no scientific proof that food can lessen Fibromyalgia.I have done enough research and it is bogus! period.Please go to a reputable Rumatologist or Nerologist.If they are reputable they will tell you the truth.Good-Luck,No cures! Crankyhorse.


crankyclown - May 31

Mad Joints.Their are no cures for Fibromyalgia ( Any Type)as of yet.No vitamins and supplements will alleviate thee trigger points and muscle spasms or tender points.They may asist but in reality,if you truly have this horrible condition.You will need thee right medication and Aqua warm water Therapy.No cold water. Have you been truly diagonosed with this illness? People go around saying they have it but,you gotta watch out for Gimmicks! no spinal manipulation will do no good for you.It is a Gimmick,to get you to keep coming back for treatments.Only 15% of these Practioners,know what their doing.I went to one.I had my neck cracked,and was white as Casper thee friendly ghost.Sorry to tell the truth.It is a ploy to make green paper. Crankyclown.


January - July 16

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome (a cluster of symptoms that commonly occur together) not a specific disease. Treating symptoms, lifelong, is what Big Pharma is all about. I was diagnosed a couple decades ago. It became a "legitimate" diagnosis because drug companies wanted to expand the market for lucrative anti-convulsant and anti-depressant meds. I do not know anyone who has been cured with the usual prescription fibro drugs, or even gotten adequate pain relief of pain. Before you take any anti-convulsant, SSRI or SNRI please do your research - those drugs have serious side effects (leading to additional problems for you) and are very hard to stop once you start!

We all know the long list of fibro symptoms - a little different in each of us, triggered by different things! These are caused by any number of REAL diseases which, if correctly diagnosed, CAN be treated. (e.g. infections of a bacterial or viral nature, mycoplasma, mold, candida, etc.; dietary/nutritional problems; allergies; injuries; psychological trauma; Lyme Disease; R.A.; lupus; porphyria; celiac disease; gluten sensitivity; chemical or environmental toxins; etc., etc.) Demand a proper diagnosis!!

It took me years of research and experimentation to find out what worked for me… I have a good science background, so I'm lucky - a lot of what I learned was information my doctors didn't know. When I went strictly gluten free, they laughed. But they watched me get better - and now they recommend the diet to their other patients! Gluten problems result in malabsorption - therefore people like me NEED extra vitamins, minerals and supplements.

After years on this diet, and with acupuncture, my trigger points, muscle spasms, muscle lumps, and aching joints are gone. The depression has lifted. When my joints hurt and I feel bad -- I KNOW I've gotten gluten!

Do I still have back pain? Yes - from prior back injuries - but not from "fibromyalgia." I still have fatigue, but I tweak my supplements, clean up my diet, drink clean, filtered (and now alkalinized) water, avoid chemicals in the environment and then I feel better! I'm also better as I put years between me and the fibro drugs, which only made my so-called "fibro" worse, and may have left me with long-term physical damage. In MY experience, Western medicine cannot cure fibromyalgia, and has no incentive to do so, because it's a money-maker. You CAN cure some forms of fibromyalgia by cleaning up your life - in all possible ways - and by using alternative medicine.


January - July 16

To those who are interested in the mercury angle - please google "CFL toxic mercury." WHO KNEW that CFLs release mercury and other chemicals (like phenol) when used. When these bulbs break, they release mercury vapor - easily inhaled and much more toxic than the solid mercury in dental fillings! There is a good video on Youtube - done at a German lab, I believe - about this subject. It also shows you the proper way to clean up any broken bulbs (did you know you should open windows and leave the room for 15 minutes so the mercury vapor will disperse? Then wear thick rubber gloves to clean up because you don't want to cut yourself? Also, keep children away from the area because they are more susceptible to the mercury!) CFLs are very toxic - in several ways! And pretty soon, they will be the only light bulbs you can buy -- except for the very expensive LED lights - which also have electronic chips in their bases. Just more EMF pollution.


simonne42 - July 28

I believe in trying anything and everything, this fibromyalgia is something that is kind of new, but not really, the diagnosis was two years ago, but I have been struggling with pain for about 7-9 years when I just could not take it anymore and went to doctor to doctor until I was diagnosed and then wanted a second opinion. My trouble is I have changed my diet since March, no fast food, no dairy, and just taking things at a better pace than I used to. I used to be so spunky, and the "lets go, lets go", but over the last few years it is more like, lets not go, or lets just sit for a minute to ease leg, back, neck, arm, or ankle (foot) pain. Crazy and I have been diligently reading, researching, to the point just loves me right now. What can you recommend that is the best excorsise ever for fibro. Now, I have tried aroebicks, ouch... books on fibro exercises, a couple work, but I cant lay on my back. I want to swim, but going to the gym takes so much work, truly, I am not lazy, really. I just cant figure out what else is going on or is this part of fibro too..



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