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melvian - September 6

IF you hire an attorney they take the money out of your lump sum settlement. Some will not ask for payment if you don't win.


Maura A. - September 14

I first sent in for disability March 2003 and the answer was no. Then again in June 2003 and again no. That is when I got a lawyer and we again received a no answer. So we went to see the judge as most of you by video Nov. 2005. Sept. 2006 I recevied a no answer. So now we have sent it to the court. That was last Nov. They can say no, or send it back to the judge to review or say yes.. So I think they will send it back to her and that will be another year to get to see her then another year for the answer. I talked to a friend yesterday and it took her four years. We live in Ohio. They say that we are very slow on disability cases. I have used my savings, 401k and took money from my life insurance. I have nothing left. The government is paying me $150.00 each month. I just found out that if I ever win I must pay that back. I was wondering if anyone else knew about that? Ohio has now put use on a new insurance. We had three different choices. The one I am using had most of my doctor's. But I know have found out it was the wrong choice. I am up to five different medicines I take that they will not pay for. So what do you do? I stopeed working in 2002 but tried to go back two times in 2003 but could not handle it. If it was not for famly and friends I don't know what I would do.
Good luck for anyone who is trying for disability. How hard is it in other states?


JoniB - September 30

My mother had her disibility approved in Texas and had her money in 5 weeks from the initial application! In addition to fibro she had a mild heart attack. I heard that Iowa is one of the most difficult states to get SSD. I am still waiting for info on the rescheduling for my 2nd hearing to finish up from the 1st one as they did not allow enough time for it. This process is taking SO LONG! I quit work Dec 2004 and have plenty of documentation. I am a single mother with 2 teenagers. It is all I can do to keep up with the important things around the house. The only assistance I have been receiving so far is health care for myself for a little over 1 year now. I really need to be on disibility and soon!


Robin1237 - October 4

I think our condition is actually Lyme disease, a bacterial infection usually acquired from being bitten by an infected tick.. Unless we get treated for it, we stay sick and get worse. Go read at You can ask questions there and people will answer.


megh - October 4

A friend of mine won. She had to go for a hearing. I have been denied three times. I was reading chances are better is you have diagnoses of CFS as this is listed in SS impairments Fibro is not. It is very frustrating. Don't give up and have doc document every symptom. I have to do same thing.


JoniB - January 8

It has been 3 yrs since I quit work. I am still waiting for info for scheduling of 2nd hearing. My attorney's office said maybe Feb or March this year....


JoniB - January 20

On Thurday evening Jan. 17, I received 2 envelopes in the mail. One was from SSA and the other from my attorney. I thought it would be the schedule for the 2nd hearing. To my dismay it was the Notice Of Decision-Unfavorable. The Administrative law judge denied me of SSD. To top it off my attorney has abandoned me as well (he is closing his practice.) I don't know what happened to the 2nd hearing the judge told us about. He took over 7 months to make this decision and now is no longer there. Needless to say I spent the entire night crying. My eyes were so swollen even the next day, not to mention the muscle pain level esp in my head. I firmly believe that I deserve it! I am so drained. The judge just did not understand. It's like how do you explain a migraine to someone who has never had a headache? I can appeal again for the 3rd time to the Appeals Council (odds less than 10% turn around.) Then appeal after that to the final stop at the Federal District Court (odds around 60%.) Friday I was on the phone to another attorney out of Des Moines, IA. He had me send him the letter from the judge. Many mistakes were made like the day & place of the hearing. On the exhibits there were 4 Dr.'s names that I have not seen. He didn't use 2 of my main Dr.'s as referrals on paper & discredited my other Dr. I have plenty of medical history (over a decade.) The new attorney is going to review to see if the judge had any of the codes wrong as to whether we should appeal to the Appeals Council. In the meantime he wants me to start over applying for disability, but then there won't be any of the back pay for the last 3 yrs. I found out the ceiling on his payment is now $5,300.00 if we win. Starting over we would not have an answer till 2010. Probably about the same going through the appeals 2 more times if necessary. In 2010 my credits to receive benefits are only insured through the end of the year. Then I will not be applicable any more. I am so frustrated, feeling many emotions. I really needed a favorable answer. Right now I feel hopeless and very depressed but I still plan to fight for SSD. I don't know what else to do...I wish all of you better luck than what I've had.


colleen steele - January 20

Hi Jozet,check out my reply to Sally5 dated 1-19,under her subject "getting disibility". It is possible to get it but it is much easier with some help,and you don't pay unless you win.........Good Luck, Colleen Steele


skynate - February 5

go to, maybe they can helpyou


colleen steele - February 9

Hi Jozet, You should call Allsup.They won my case.I just got my money, and they are really good,and they are really nice people.They do everything for you.I didn't have to do any of the paperwork,they took care of everything,I didn't even have to go to court,my represenative from Allsup went for me.The next thing I knew I got SSA papers saying fully favorable and had my money [ backpay ] in 2 weeks.and expect my first check soon.Since you were already denied it might not take to long for you.They are really really good and it is stress free since they do everything for you.Also I only had one doctor.Your doctor makes a lot of difference also.It helps that he write a detailed report on you.I found them on this web site so look around on here and you should see it.You can't go wrong.Everyone here should check them out.I was 100% satisfied with them and what they did for me.They also have a program for after you win if you refer someone they pay you for the referral.So mention my name,Colleen Steele Ludwig.But that isn't why I'm telling you to call them.They have like a 98% win rate.Anyway good luck and give them a call.Their phone number is 800-279-4357.I don't think you will be sorry.I truly hope you win,it really easied my mind.Again good luck to you.......Sincerly Colleen Steele Ludwig.


wolfcrk - January 23

Hi, new to the forum, but I am in OK, very close to KS and MO. I have tried disability, been denied. Plan on trying again, but it is hard, as I have not worked for pay since 2000.



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