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Flare Info?
3 Replies
ccc - April 22

I was diagnosed about 7 months ago. I havent felt "good" since then.
I keep seeing people refer to a "flares". Can someone be more descriptive and help me understand?
Yes, some days are better than others but I always feel like crap.Is there any end in sight?

Has anyone ever gotten better enough to lead a normal life free from pain/exhaustion with only an occasional "Flare up"?


Fantod - April 22

ccc- Unfortunately, there is no end in sight. A "flare" is a period of time when your pain level, fatigue and other symptoms become totally unmanageable. A flare can last days, weeks or months.

There is always pain and exhaustion associated with Fibromyalgia (FMS). It is just a question of degree. If you were having a flare, you would know it. Most people are pretty incapacitated.
From what you describe, your symptoms are the typical day to day FMS experience.

I hope that my comments help you understand the difference. Take care.


Cher0208 - April 22


My symptoms began almost a year ago. Just recently I started feeling better. It took about 6 months to slowly make changes and I am still making changes. I started eating whole, unprocessed foods. I try never to eat out. And I eat foods that I have read have an anti-inflammatory effect, anti viral and/or anti bacterial effect. Basically before I go on a tangent- I changed my diet. Since I grew up on processed food it's all I have ever known. Since educating myself about nutrition and supplements, things have gotten a lot better. COMPLETELY AVOID ALCOHOL AND SUGAR (WHITE SUGAR, REFINED SUGAR, ANY TYPE OF SUGAR!) Yes, its hard but so worth it. Don't drink soda, or eat candy etc. I make sure to get enough sleep and exercise and my symptoms almost completely disappear. As I almost flt like my old self I thought it was safe to cheat. So I had a few drinks a week, ate some candy had some fried foods, had a nice big coffee light and sweet like I love it and Bam! Back to square 1.In pain, extremely fatigued and caught a cold. The doctor's and their medication did not help me. Living a very clean life helped me and I have to stick to it or else suffer the consequences. I resisted the lifestyle change for a while because it was hard to believe that a diet change would fix things. Well it doesn't make fibromyalgia disappear. But it has made me feel so good that I forget I have it and then slip back to my old habits.

Anyway, good luck. Let me know if you would like any tips on food ideas or anything else. I have been reading and listening to great podcasts daily and am gaining a wealth of information!


Pikespeak - April 23

Hi CCC! Sickandtired gave a pretty good description in this forum entitled, "Does this sound familiar?" Every day is a new day with FMS.
Do what you can and put yourself first. Hard to do, but necessary!



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