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FMS - speech problems
7 Replies
Valerie - February 2

Lately I have started using the wrong word for something! like instead of saying the car, I might say the house....I have heard that this is possibly related to FMS - would anyone know about this?


amanda - January 16

Hi valerie, that was one of the first syptoms I had. My speech was slurred as though I had been drinking copious amounts of alchohol, and then my words would get jumbled. Thankfully my immediate friends don't take the mick, (if you do say use the wrong word and someone picks up on it use the classic ' just seeing if you were paying attention!') at least it will raise a smile and avoid being embarressed. Mention this aditional symptom next time your with your doctor. Good luck


Jean - January 17

I suggest seeking medical attention on this symptom.


meg - January 17

I do this to and also have similiar problems when writing, I will put the wrong letters on the page. I have read that this is one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia but I would ask your Dr. to be sure


JJ - January 18

I have had this problem and it can be quite embarrassing. Sometimes the word I substitute makes absolutely no sense. I do a lot of public speaking for my work, and I worry that one day I am going to really embarrass myself (maybe I already have and don't know it!).


Jean - January 20

I need to proof read everything I type because sometimes my letters get mixed up, I don't know if it is a symptom of FMS/CMP but it can be embarrassing.


Beverly - January 20

Using an incorrect word or not being able to choose the correct word in a sentence was one of the first thing I noticed. I have had Fibro for 30 yrs and back that many years you just let it pass by. I was diagnoised five years ago and since doing a lot of research I find it is part of
fibro. Now when I can't think for the word I'm looking for I just tell my freinds I'm having a Fibro Moment. At least it's better than the pain I live with every day.

God Bless


John - February 2

I had the same problem when I first started having symptoms. It scared me at first but then it went away I am not having twitching and muscle spasms in my face along with TMJ so that kinda takes care of the speech if I cant open my mouth.



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