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foot pain
6 Replies
wizard - May 2

I have been recently diagnoised with fibromyalgia and have tremendous foot pain . Can the foot pain be a part of the fibromyalgia?


Nancy - May 21

Apparently, as I have terrible pain on the bottoms of my feet, so walking hurts. It is the worst after I have been inactive. When I go to stand it really hurts. Anyone else have this and has anything helped improve it?


painalottapus - May 22

yes i get this often. I have high arches on my feet and needed orthotics for them. That has helped the most. ask your doctor if your arches are too high or too flat. Custom orthotics are amazing for getting rid of that pain.

On top of that pain in the foot, I also get pains in the sides of my feet.. the tendon going across it. This gets so bad that i can't walk without putting a tensor foot brace on and usually some heat rub and an antimflammitory. I have no idea what causes this pain. Sometimes its one foot, sometimes the other, sometimes both, and comes and goes in about a day. This pain I chalk up to fibro. usually worse when the weather is changing alot.


Jim Jensen - April 26

I have pain issues with both feet. It can be quite painful at times then at other times it is simply a sensation, numbing, tingling, uneasiness of sorts about the feet. This feeling is present in the toes and bottoms of the feet. The toes are wanting to twitch or so it seems. Also present in the arches. The feet are stiff and painful after a period of inactivity. The pain and stiffness lessen after several minutes of lightly moving about. I am presently taking oxycontin 20mg 2x daily and vicoden as needed for breakthrough pain due to spinal osteoarthritis. I believe the medication seriously reduces the pain due to fibromyalgia. Also seriously contributes to the "fibrofog".


Jessie - April 27

I have a lot of trouble with my feet...when I wake up every morning, I dread standing because it feels like somebody took a sledgehammer to the bottom of my feet. I have stabbing, acute pain in my left ankle when I get up after being inactive for a while. And, of course, when the weather is changing, every little bone/joint in my toes ache. My family members with fibro have some of these symptoms too, so I'm pretty sure it's the fibro.


Kazz - April 28

I find that I have pain in my feet when I walk around - sometimes after only a few minutes other times after half an hour or so - I have found 1 pair of shoes that I can walk around in comfortably and they have an arch support built in - of course these dont help all the time but they do most of the time - I went out and got myself a disabled sticker for my car as it got to the point where I would have to send dh to get the car for me as I couldnt walk to it.


Pam - May 2

Dear Wizard, My FMS started out in my feet, hands & legs. I could hardly walk on the soles of my feet and had to walk on the sides of my feet 9 years ago when I was diagnosed with it. Soak your feet in Epsom Salt and rub them down with Aspercreme. Use a Bed Buddy Heat pack (Walmart $10) and take a magnesium supplement. Get good support shoes. Also, I have lost weight which helped me tremendously with my leg and foot pain.
Praying for you.



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