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Gabapentin. Does it work?
6 Replies
Wasfitonce - July 10


As i am new to the site please excuse my ignorance if this topic has been discussed previously.
I have been suffering from Fibro for 2 and half years. After a full year with a doctor and the last eight month with a pain consultant i am totally scraping the barrel for help as both Doctor and Consultant offer little in the way of help or understanding. I am currently taking propranalol and gabapentin. do these work? or is there something else either drug/non drug that might offer the tiniest relief. is there a common link between fibro sufferers or is it individual.
Dont get much help from family or collegues as they cant see a broken leg etc.They do not understand.


bbass - July 10

Hello, because I am new here too, I think I have asked questions that probably have been discussed before, but everyone is helpful anyway. Just recently I have started cymbalta for the pain and depression that goes with fibro. It is helping. Also trazodone for sleep. I have not tried gabapentin...does it not give you any relief? I would ask your doctor about cymbalta...or others have talked about savella? I have never tried it, it's sorta new in US. All the info on the left has helped me so much! I didn't realize that all my crazy symptoms are discussed as being fibro. Hope that helps, and hang in there.


Crystallinegreen - July 11

I just started on Gabapentin. My doc was going to put me on Trazadone (with Savella), but changed it to Gabapentin (with Savella) because it's supposed to help with my headaches. I was on Elavil before the Gabapentin and it caused me to feel manic and very depressed.
Anyways, let me know how it is working for you. I hope it helps!



ruthie13 - July 11

Hi there. I'm new to this site. I have been suffering with fibromyalgia since I was 17, doctors didnt know what it was for years so doctors diagnoised my depression, muscle and joint pain, i.b.s seperately. As I have got older my condition has gotten worse. About a year ago they finally decided it was fibromyalgia i'm suffering from. I wouldnt wish this condition on my worse enemy. I'm 26 now and it effects my every day life, what I do of a day all depends on how i'm feeling that morning. I saw a pain consultant on Tuesday at the hospitals pain clinic. I am now taken gabapentin and although i'm having a really bad day today I can safely say it is starting to work. Wednesday and Thursday I felt no pain at all. I am building up the dose to 1800mg a day, at the moment i'm on 2 a day - 600mg and to be honest I cant wait to hit the 1800mg a day in the hope that my bad days will be reduced dramatically(i can but hope!) I take Tramadol, which takes the edge of the pain, Naproxen, Amitriptilyn...
Any fed back would be gratelly received. (excuse the spelling, i'm a little confused today!)
Many thanks


Fantod - July 11

I take gabapentin for nerve pain and it does help. I am on a very low dose as I am sensitive and/or allergic to medication. I also take it at night which helps knock me out.

There are a several drugs that are helpful for the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia (FMS). Lyrica is specifically formulated for FMS. It is not an antidepressant. The primary complaint about this medication is significant weight gain.

Another option is an anti depressant called Cymbalata. Only certain classes of medication seem to work for FMS and they are largely anti depressants. I have used Cymbalta and found it to be very helpful. I was just taken off of it to see if I will tolerate another drug called Savella which is new to the US market.

Savella has been used in Europe for years. It has gotten good reveiws so far. I have just taken my first two doses and already I can feel a change in my pain level. I seem to have a bit more energy too which is rather novel. I'm a little groggy but that is to be expected with any new medication.

There are plenty of common links between people with FMS. You will find them under 'associated conditions" in the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page. Those are in addition to the ususal perks like profound fatigue, muscle pain sleeplessness, irritable bowel, GERD, veritgo and so on. It is thought that there is a genetic component to FMS. In my case, I believe it comes from my father's side of the family. He has several of the associated conditions like restless legs and Raynauds, GERD but not FMS.

FMS is a tough thing for family members and friends to wrap their heads around. You look fine therefore you must be fine (NOT)). Here is how I explain it. FMS is a syndrome that is recognized by the Center for Disease Control and the National Arthitis Foundation. It is a malfunction of the central nervous system which causes your pain receptors to be stuck in the "on" position. FMS interrupts the deep sleep cycle. This is the most damaging thing about FMS as your muscles need deep sleep to repair themselves from the days activity. No deep sleep means higher levels of pain. This becomes a vicious circle. The mechanism that causes FMS is not understood. There is no cure but it can be managed.

Have you thought about giving your family members and friends a link to this site or the National Arthitis Foundation site? You will have to use the "search" function on the National Arthitis Foundation site to find the info on FMS. How about taking a family member with you to a medical appointment? I'm in my 50's and actually took my mother with me so she would get a better understanding of my situation. And, it worked; now she is much better about my limitations. Also, you have to learn to say "no", mean it and not feel guilty about it.

There are options and if you are not seeing a rheumotologist or doctor who is well versed in treating FMS than you should find one. You can call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for help with a rheumotologist and/or pain specialist that has an interest in FMS. You can also go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and register. You will then be able to see a list of healthcare professionals in your state. You have to be your own best advocate when it comes to managing FMS. I totally understand how hard that is when you feel lousy every single day. The bottom line is that the only person that suffers is you if you allow your healthcare for this syndrome to be barely managed or mismanaged.

Good luck amd let us know how you are doing. Take care.


Wasfitonce - July 11

Thanks guys for all your feedback. i dont want to rattle on to much about my symptons as i am sure it is the same for you all although it is good to no there are people who understand how i am feeling.


Wasfitonce - July 11

Hi ruthie13

I was originally prescribed with 1800mg per day. This worked for the first 6weeks before the symptons returned. I am currently taking 2100mg to see if the syptoms subside a little but its hard to say at the moment It dose not help that i continue to work full time. My consultant has told my to pace myself, Easier said than done soetimes!
Perhaps i also feel unwell with the amount of propranolol i take.
I will keep you up todate



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