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Groceries/Nutrition; for those who live on their own
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Noca - April 23

What do you do for groceries/nutrition for those who live on your own? I have a car, and some money, but I am often in too much pain to go grocery shopping on my own. I can't really cook either. I suffer from a severe lack of nutrition from poor eating habbits cause I don't really know what to do about it. Depression and anxiety doesn't help this either.

My entire life collapses when I do not eat properly. I have asked for help from my doctors to see a nutrtionist, but when I do, all I get is stupid responses like drink some ensure, as if I can live off that.


Jocelyn - April 24


I don't know if you live in the United States or out of the US, but your doctor, depending on your condition can, in the United States, order meals on wheels, if you are eligible. However, if you are not eligible, there are alternative methods. Stop and Shop has a delivery service called Pea Pod. You go online and order your food and set the date and time you want it delivered. You will always know the total before they come. When I used them, they did accept checks and credit cards. I do realize it is a little more costly ordering from them, but the truth is, one seems to order less because you don't see all the little extra's and grab them to try. I do hope things work out for you. If all else fails, please call your local church, there are volunteers who help with shopping and driving people to their appointments.

Please let me know if you get some help and try to stay well.


kvc33 - April 24

You don't need to be able to cook to eat well. In fact some people eat a raw food diet. Fruits, veg, nuts, and seeds can always be eaten raw. Find a cookbook that contains recipes for quick, tasty meals. When you are able to cook, cook more than you need and save or freeze the rest for later. Ensure is basically just chocolate milk, not nutritious at all. Try some commercial fruit and vegetable juices that don't have added sugar. My bf and I eat a lot of Chinese food because it is very reasonably priced, tasty and provides meat, veg, nuts and seeds. Meals on Wheels in Canada is awful. My mom used to deliver them and people complained about how yucky they were. Insure that you get adequate protein which is important for CFS. There are many powders available at health food stores made with everything from pumpkin to brown rice. Don't buy into the idea that a person has to have a huge variety of foods in order to be healthy. Many populations exist on just a few foods but they don't eat junk food. There should be a volunteer organization in your area that assists people with food shopping. Ask at your local grocery store, senior's centre, rec centre, church, neighborhood association, etc. What are you eating now that you think isn't good for you and what do you think you need to work on?


Jocelyn - April 24

Great Advice!


January - April 29

I went through a time when I was too sick to cook. I had a very hard time because of my many food allergies and sensitivities. Chinese (and most take out) was/is impossible because of my gluten intolerance. Ensure is not great, but it was adequate, and it kept me going. It's better than nothing, and it does have vitamins and minerals to help keep your energy up. I had to get creative, so here are some ideas -- pretty low maintenance:

Frozen dinners and veggies (microwave cooked). Whey protein, which you can mix up with water. Peanut butter on fried tofu, or on rice cakes with dried fruit (raisins, apricot, pineapple, etc.); corn chips, with cheese or hummus; yogurt, cottage cheese with canned fruit; jello with fruit, tapioca pudding. Canned tuna fish or chicken: mix it with mayo or lemon juice and olive oil. Or sautee it with sliced zucchini or other veggies. If you can eat bread, you can put almost anything between slices of bread.

If shopping is hard, you need things that will store easily. When you do get to the grocery, buy some fresh food (like berries or cauliflower) and eat that raw for a few days. Then switch to your stored canned/frozen food. Canned soups are easy. Eggs are easy, hard boil them and store them in the fridge. If you can stand up for a few minutes, cook an omelet and add cheese and any fresh veggies you have on hand. I bought canned olives and artichokes, and added them to omelets, along with cheese and sour cream. Or I made an omelet with cheese, mushrooms, olives and some kind of spaghetti sauce.

Nuts are good too, but many people are allergic to them.

If you are not eating much at all, I wouldn't worry about limiting things. Eat healthy as you can, but as you know, our bodies need some sugar, fat and salt. The important thing is that you get calorie intake, and we need glucose for energy. Ensure is better than nothing! If you drink tea, put some honey and milk in it. Get creative about combining things. I used to put a large helping of shredded cheese on corn chips, zap it in the microwave, then slice a tomato and add some canned black olives. Nachos! Or have a serving of cottage cheese with canned fruit. A serving of hummus with potato chips.

You probably don't feel like eating, but it's important that you find something that appeals to you and just eat a little bit every few hours. Do you have food allergies Noca?


Jocelyn - April 29

As January has said there are some easy ways to get nutrients into your body to keep you health up. If you do not have food allergies, it makes it even easier.

The truth is, the better you treat your body with good foods, the better you are going to feel. Your depression and fatigue will get a little better and your energy will pick up.

I would like to ask you one thing. To you have any eating problems? Could this be part of your problem? Maybe getting the food is a problem, because you really don't want to eat.

It is just a question, because it is like a domino effect. One thing causes the other.

Please take care, I hope you feel better and stay in touch.



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