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17 Replies
Karkel - June 21

Anyone try this ? Any luck ?


Fantod - June 22

This remedy for FMs has been touted for years. It is not based on very sound scientific principals. It is not effective and a waste of money. Take care.


Pikespeak - June 24

I know a couple of women that swear it works for them. Lots of product restrictions....I agree with Fantod--not enough scientific trials or endorsements to make me want to try it. If you do try it, keep us posted!


pam80 - June 28

YES- Guai works! I am reversing my fibro as we speak! I used to be a member of this list but now I am a member of the "guai group." The website is down right now, but for the future it is:


really works-- I've been out to see the doctor and he says that I am well on my way to reversing. There are a lot of product restrictions but it's worth it for a better life. Guai is not a cure but you put it in remission with guaifenesin. You do have to take it for life but hey-- if you get your life back then it's worth it! You do get worse before you get better and some people are not willing to do that, but if remission is what happens in the end, then it's worth it. Thousands of people have reversed their illness by using guai.

Pick up a copy of Dr. St. Amand's Book:
"What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia: The Revolutionary Treatment That Can Reverse the Disease"

listen to anyone who hasn't tried it but says it doesn't work because it does! It also works for CFS.

Good luck-- there IS light at the end of the tunnel.


January - June 29

Hi Pam, Could you share how much you take, and what happened? (You said it got worse before it got better… a herx reaction thing?) Also, how long before you started feeling better?

One friend of mine tried it and said it didn't work for her - but I don't know how long she stuck with it.

Thanks for posting your story. Always glad to hear when something works out!


pam80 - June 30

Below is an explanation of how guaifenesin works. First let me say that I am almost at 6 mos. and I already have a reduction of all over body pain and headaches are a bit less. Guai takes a while to work that is why some people quit. They expect to feel better right away and guai is just not like that. You also have to be sure you are on your correct dose. It's sometimes tricky to find but keeping a "symptom journal" will help you. If you want to give guai a try, you need to read the book first- it will answer all of your questions.

Don't listen to anyone who says "guai doesn't work" or "it's a waste of money", etc. They most likely never even tried the protocol, or didn't do it properly or long enough. You do have to avoid salicylates and plant-based products, but it's really not that hard. The online support group is very helpful- there are over 2000 members.

Guaifenesin is NOT a cure. There is NO cure for fibro but guai puts you into remission. Guaifenesin is the only known way to "reverse" the illness. Thousands of people have gotten well on the Guaifenesin Protocol and I am on my way back to better health.

Dr. St. Amand's research has found that "fibromyalgiacs" have a "A defective enzyme in the kidneys causes phosphate

Everything gets too many phosphates stored in it, and everything begins to malfunction in some way. We can't get enough energy from our food, so we have crushing fatigue. The food that can't be converted to energy is stored as fat, so we gain weight. Our joints
and ligaments are full of phosphate deposits, and they hurt. Heavy deposits of phosphate in our muscles cause the phantom "poltergeist" pain that moves from place to place and is felt in all parts of the
body. We develop irritable bowel. Our nails split into layers all
the way back to the quick. We suffer from confusion, and poor memory.
  And it's all from the same cause.

What guaifenesin does is to act on the smallest, microscopic tubules
in the kidneys. It tells them to release more phosphates. It's like
opening the spigot. That starts a chain reaction. The kidneys
excrete more phosphates, so the blood level of phosphates could go
down too low. To keep that from happening, the cells of our bodies
release some of the excess phosphates they have stored inside. They
absorb more water, to dilute the excess phosphates, and then that is
carried into the blood. The blood level of phosphates rises, but the
kidneys are still dumping out more phosphates, so the body has to keep
on drawing out phosphates that are stored where they shouldn't be and pouring them into the blood.

On and on it goes, and in the process, those deposits of excess
phosphates are cleared out and our bodies begin to function like they
used to. We have more energy. We have less pain. Our heads are
clearer. Our hair and nails grow more healthy. Our bowel symptoms go
away. And on and on.

Now, this doesn't happen all at once. It happens in cycles. First a
lot of phosphates are dumped into the blood, and the kidneys have to
work hard to pump them out. While that is happening, we feel just
like we are having a plain old FMS flare. The reason is that we feel
lousy when those phosphates are circulating in our systems, whether
they are going into our cells or coming out of them. Eventually, the
kidneys catch up, and we feel pretty good for a little while. Those
"good times" are brief periods of remission. Then more phosphates pour
out, and we feel pretty rotten until the kidneys catch up again.
Gradually, those short periods of remission begin to cluster together
and we have good days, then good weeks, then good months, until we are
in complete remission.



January - June 30

Hi Pam - thanks. This is a good explanation of how it works on the phosphates in the body.

I heard of Dr. St. Amand years ago when I was first researching fibro - but don't recall reading this information about the kidneys and phosphates. So I'm going to read up on it a bit. What if you have weak kidneys? Would this approach be hard on the kidneys?

Good to know that it is working well for you. Six months is not a bad time frame. I figured out I probably had celiac disease and went on a gluten free diet. That really helped a lot of my symptoms - but it took a year before I really noticed a big difference, and that's a long time to stick with something. Most people want more immediate results!

Don't know if you read pikespeak's posting under natural killer cells - I googled the Colorado Fibro Center, and they have an interesting website that lists a number of different possible causes for fibromyalgia. I tend to agree that this disease is a complicated syndrome, and probably has different causes - because different things work for different people. What do you think about this idea? Does St. Amand address it? I'm wondering if that's why guai is controversial - maybe it only works for people with a certain subtype of fibro….?

And when you say you have to avoid certain types of plant substances, what do you mean…?

Thanks in advance… : )


pam80 - June 30

Hi January,

I don't know how guai works if you have weak kidneys-that's a good question.

Dr. St. Amand has a 98% success ratio when it comes to his patients. He does not know why it won't work for some people--although he believes that those 2% don't really have fibro or have concurrent conditions. It may work better for some people than others and it may be due to our genes, I'm not sure.

I did not read the post on Natural Killer cells- I don't come on here much. Once I found guaifenesin and the "guaigroup" (online support grp) I never looked back and I never intend to. I just came on here to tell people about how I'm doing better and offer them hope.

I don't know if I will reach full remission but what I do know is that I am in touch with MANY people who have gotten their lives back or who are in the process so I tell myself: "that's going to be me too!". If it can work for other people, some sicker than me, than it will work for me too!

Dr. St. Amand's work is controversial because of a study they did a few years ago. Guai didn't prove to do any better than placebo and that is because St. Amand was not aware of some of the "blockers" that would prohibit guai from working. Now they have it all worked out and have a very high success rate.

The guaifenesin protocol is one way to reverse the disease. Fibro is very complex and I have a feeling there may be other ways to recover from it but as of now, nothing else that I've found has such a high success rate and a large following of "success stories" as guai does. So, I choose guai and hope and pray it gives me my life back. I believe that I'm well on my way.

There are some people who are on the guai protocol who are gluten intolerant and avoiding gluten is helping them as well. You may have already found a piece of the puzzle to your fibro recovery journey. Remission is possible and "fire" any doctor/friend/person who tells you otherwise because it's simply not true.

About avoiding products: you cannot use any salicylates on your skin: anything with a plant name in your products (lotion, shampoo, soap) is a no-no and will block your guai.

Good luck-


January - June 30

Pam, thanks for all this - very informative and interesting. I am definitely going to read more about it.

I agree with you, I REFUSE to believe there is no cure - we just have to find it. And right now, the drug companies are making a fortune on drugs with nasty side effects, so they are not going to support research on more natural things.

Really glad to hear you have found something that is working well for you, and that you are getting your life back. That is good news.

I googled "guaigroup" and have located the forums. Thanks! All the best to you.


kvc33 - June 30

A friend of mine has been doing this for many months. I do not see a change in her. In the book called "Recovery from CFS" fifty people tell their stories of recovery. Not one of them used Guai. Some were in wheelchairs. Most used diet as a part of their recovery plan. Some used mind/body techniques. I do not have IBS, split nails, pain in my joints, nor did I gain weight. Perhaps I have something other than what you have.


helpingfibromyalgia - June 30

I am probably going to get lambasted for this but I don't care. Stay away. There is no medical science backing up Guaifenesin and while I'm not someone who listens to doctors, this "treatment" has been around a long time and has never been proven. There are a lot of articles written debunking this treatment.
If you decide to go that route, you have to go to a Fibromyalgia Treatment Center where they DON'T accept insurance. Why would a legitimate medical facility not accept insurance? Unless they were in it for the money.
Dr. Amand has written a book on the subject (that I've read) where he outlines exactly how to do the treatment at home by yourself. If you're going to try it, don't pay an arm and a leg to do so.


pam80 - June 30

Dr. St. Amand accepts my insurance- I only have a $10 copay. I don't even know why I came back onto this forum to share what is helping me. A lot of you are so closed minded and that's sad. I think some of you don't want to get well because it's "easier" to just stay sick. Well, good luck with that. I'm on the road to recovery and won't be back here!!!


pam80 - June 30

Maybe your friend isn't doing the protocol correctly. She may not be on the correct dose or is blocking. Sometimes it takes a year or longer to see results. Plus you get worse before you get better so that may be what's happening to her. Split nails or gained weight are only a few symptoms of this illness. It sounds like you have chronic fatigue and according to St. Amand, it's the same illness as fibro. Guai reverses chronic fatigue too.

Don't bash things until you've tried them- it's not right. Just because guaifenesin hasn't reached the medical books doesn't mean that it doesn't work. Supplements and herbs are not scientifically proven to treat fibro- in fact they just mask the symptoms. Guai actually reverses the illness. Who do you think you are to tell people to stay away when you've never even tried it?! I mean, seriously!!

I apologize if I came off rude in my last post. I just don't appreciate the bashing when you haven't even tried the protocol. You should never judge a book by it's cover. Guai takes awhile but I'm seeing results and finally have hope.

Good luck to all- I'm on guai and never looking back.


kvc33 - July 1

Pam80- I hope you don't come back here. Saying that we don't want to get well is a huge insult. You are a newbie and know virtually nothing about fibromyalgia. BTW, my friend has been diligent with the guai and I have seen no change in her pain or energy level. I do hope you get well, whatever you choose to do, if you don't wish that for everyone else then you are not welcome here.


pam80 - July 1


I don't appreciate being bashed for the ways I choose to get better and members telling others that guai doesn't work-that is so not right. These members are basically taken away hope for guai right from the get go and they haven't tried it. That blows me away. It's hard work to be sick but it's sometimes harder getting well. I apologize for saying that people do not want to get well, that was wrong. Telling someone that guai doesn't work and not to try it is taking away a valuable piece of the puzzle in getting well from fibro-guai.

Is your friend a member of the "guai group?" It's online support for the guai protocol. Maybe she could go on there to get advice.

I hope that you get well, too. Thank you for always giving me helpful advice in the past. Good luck.


January - July 2

Researching Mucinex (which is guai). This is a common OTC tablet used to break up mucus - an expectorant. Drugs (dot) com had 10 out of 12 very positive comments, saying it worked for fibro. One comment was just a remark about the info; one comment was negative. Interestingly, for effectiveness with fibro, Mucinex has a rating that exceeds that of Lyrica! However, there are very few remarks about guai and many about Lyrica.

Looking on patientsville (dot) com, there were numerous reports of adverse side effects for Mucinex. Other sites did not have so much negative side effect information.

So - it looks like there may be something to using guai, especially now that they know the right protocol, which involves keeping all plant-based products off your skin (and maybe other things I don't know) - but before trying it, carefully research the side effects and interactions - know your own medical issues and run it by your doctor.


pam80 - July 2


I'm glad that you did some research and found some positive reviews. I recommend you getting a copy of Dr. St. Amand's book and then deciding for yourself if you'd like to give it a try. Make your own decision.

Good luck to you-



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