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Has anyone tried Cobraxin?
5 Replies
January - May 27

Hi all. Was at the store today looking for NSAID creams - stomach can't tolerate Advil anymore. I came across a homeopathic cream (also available as an oral spray) called Cobraxin. The main ingredient was… Asian cobra venom. Hm. (OK, I admit, it creeped me out a bit.) I put it back.

Has anybody tried this - and how did it go? Any strange reactions?


Pikespeak - May 27

That would creep me out too! Although, look what they use Botox for! I was given a sample NAISD gel called VOLTAREN. Haven't tried it yet. It doesn't say you can use it on your glutes...BTW, I posted a GF dessert for you on the diet discussion forum...have you ever tried it?


January - May 27

Hi pikespeak! I just got a sample of Voltaren! It helped my joint pain a little for a while. It is an NSAID, so I didn't want to use too much until I see how I react. No problem so far -- I put it on my shoulder. I imagine it will cost a mint though, and I don't have Rx coverage… let me go check the dessert recipe. Thank you, that's very "sweet" of you! : ) (Is it BIRTHDAY CAKE??) LOL


Noca - May 27

Use curcumin if you can't tolerate advil. It has many more positive effects than just being an NSAID.


January - May 27

Thanks Noca. I have often heard it mentioned, but I also heard (either this one or turmeric - or both) give you tremendous bad body odor…?? But I guess it's worth a try! Is there a formulation or brand you recommend?

Do YOU know anything about Cobraxin?? I know bee stings are helpful with some painful conditions. I'm sure it's the same principle. But I tend towards allergies, so have to be careful.


January - May 30

Hi all. Just an update on this. First of all, I spelled it wrong - it's Cobroxin.

I googled it and found a number of testimonials in favor of it - positive postings from people with arthritis and fibro. Some noted it did not help so much with muscle pain but helped with neuralgia and arthritis. You have to use it for several days to get an effect. Also, they noted (and I read in the product description) that it had an additive effect with certain pain medications, so you may be able to decrease these. And the FDA is OK with this as a homeopathic medicine. There have been 46 clinical trials with it, according to one website - but I haven't checked up on that area yet.

Of course, there is a blog by a science journalist who claims testimonials are worthless - the effects are all placebo effects - and we should only go by double-blind studies. I would note that I agree in general, but not everyone who works on double-blind studies tells the truth. And, whether it's a placebo effect or not - if it works, then it works!

When I saw this at the store - there was only ONE bottle of the topical gel left -- so maybe it sells well…? I am thinking I might like to give this a try… but I'm concerned about allergic reactions.

Has anybody on here tried this product??



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