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lilypage - April 22

hi there i came across this site and wondered if there is anyone that can point me in the right direction for diagnosis. i have been to my doctors for many many yearsd now. this ime yet another lot of blood test which im sure will return normal. its the tiredness that i cant cope with anymore i feel as if im dragging myself around in a old persons body in fact some elderly have more energy. iv looked at the symptoms i can honestly say that i have 90% i have not checked the points of pain its difficult to do but i do have pain and hypersensitive areas. i found on another site that you can get chest pain iv had this for 2 years my g.p has sgrigged his shoulders now at this and its yet another symptom to tolerate. were can i go for help i do i just confront my doctor in a nice way i mean and maybe suggest that he investigate me for this. do you know that it would be a pleasure to have at least i have areason for feeling so awful



cathye - February 1

Hi Debs,
It took them 14 years to figure out what I have, so don't give up. The fluctuating and numerous symptoms combined with the blood tests that show everything is normal confuse many doctors. I would suggest you find a rheumatologist who deals with fibromyalgia on a regular basis. Having a doctor who understands the many manifestations of fibro makes a huge difference.


intheknow - February 12

Hi Debs,
Did you know your insurance company dictates the tests you get and the answers your doctor dismisses as Fibromyalgia?

I've been going through this crap now for over 7 years, and continue to worsen. Lung disease, thyroid disease, nodules, fevers, liver and kidney disease, and the list goes on...

The fact that doctors don't even examine or even touch me anymore and keep dismissing my problems as "fibromyalgia" made me realize that there is a conspiracy going on. Go do an internet search on "Fibromyala dismissive" and read up on the controversy.

Here's what I've had to do in order to have a physician finally admit that fibromyalgia is merely passive to satisfy the patient and keep the insurance company from paying to allow a correct diagnosis and treat you effetively.
You really need to research your symptoms thoroughly. Print off the facts you find, ask for specific testing and most important of all...BRING A WITNESS TO YOUR DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS. You must drill your doctor with your witness present why they don't test for other possibilities based on the facts. Be sure and request copies of your tests so you have the information you need to keep researching the possibilities.'re in for a rough future, and paying for the insurance company's profitability through your suffering.

Best of luck!


HealedLady - April 22

Debs, I have the same problem with my doctor until I found out that my sisters also have Fibromyalgia. I confronted my doctor on it and he did the "trigger point" test and diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. Then he gave me a letter stating the severeity of it that I have. I had to MAKE him listen to me, so maybe you need to just MAKE him (or her) listen to you like I did. I just told my doctor to listen to me and he FINALLY did after seeing him for the past 2 years for the same symptoms. So I understand where you are coming from. If he won't listen, find another doctor that will.



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