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cincin - September 8

As a child I had Hep A(we all did, I have three brothers)and in a recent note from my mom she made mention of this(I had forgotten about it) and also that because of it drugs are almost a certain NO. This would probably explain the fact that I have never been able to tolerate anything my whole life-even antibiotics are difficult.Upon some reasearch the biggest no-no is Tylenol(acetaminophens). Hep A can be a lengthy recovery period and even though it was many moons ago it can still leave the liver sensitive in the same sense that at times we think we have this fibro beat then something will generate a "flare up" and considering where the liver is in the body(under the ribcage) perhaps when it is aggravated the side effect is part of the pain and discomfort that I feel there. This is an issue that I will be definetly discussing with my Dr. at an up coming appt. and requesting both a liver and kidney function test to rule out any problems in these areas. Has anyone else had the same history, especially drug intolerance? What have you learned? I start my day with a cup of hot water with freshly squeezed lemon juice(as a naturopath described it-a kick start to your liver)and I definetly can feel the difference throughout the day when I don't have it. I rarely take any medication of any kind and have had the equivalent of one drink/year over the last decade(really cheap date lol). Perhaps childhood diseases can and do affect us later in life as well as other issues. What are your thoughts?


January - September 9

Hi cincin - interesting post.

I know of one person with fibro, who had hepatitis of some kind before developing fibro. I'm sure there are others, but I don't know if there is a connection. It's a good point for discussion though… maybe others will post some information here.

When I googled for information, there seems to be a lot relating Hepatitis C infection and fibromyalgia, but not much relating Hep A. I read on the NIH website that Hep A is the least serious form of hepatitis, and almost everyone clears the infection within 6 months. Only one in a thousand develops serious long term liver disease from Hep A. However, I imagine a bout with Hep A might cause some liver weakness, and it would be smart to monitor your liver function if you are taking drugs of any kind.

You're right about Tylenol, it's very toxic to the liver. But in small doses, most people tolerate it because the liver can heal itself. There is a supplement that helps to protect the liver, called milk thistle or silymarin. I take this every day because I use Tylenol.

Yes, I do think some childhood diseases affect us later in life, especially some of those sneaky viral illnesses. Chicken pox, for example, is the cause of shingles in older people. (They have a vaccine out now that supposedly prevents shingles, but from what I've read it is only somewhat effective.)

Lyme disease (bacterial spirochete) is another example - not necessarily a childhood disease - but I don't think it is well understood. It's hard to diagnose, and I don't think most people are treated long enough or adequately. From what I read, the bacteria can change form and "hide" in your tissues so you test negative sometimes even if you have it. And over time it can cause all kinds of nasty symptoms and affect different systems in the body.



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