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TJS - October 24

Ok as I'm only in the first year of diagnoses does this sound familiar? I live in southwest washington state, in a temperate rain forest, over 9 feet of rain anually.
I was diagnosed in feb of 06 and at that time the pain and fatigue were very bad, then as the summer came I thought hey!, this is not so bad and was feeling pretty good. The first rains came in sept. BOOM!!!! now I'm up and down up and down, rain comes I"M slammed a few days of clearing I'm feeling better.. Is this what I have to look foward to??


JJ1 - October 24

My symptoms wax and wane and seem to be related to stress more than anything else. If the weather is stressful on me in some way, then yes, this would be familiar, but I live in central Florida and have been in FL all my life and, except for hurricanes, I am not stressed by the weather. Now hurricanes are a completely different matter -- two years ago when we got hit by three hurricanes in one season, I was at my absolute worst -- but I went a total of 3 weeks with no power in my house in hot humid weather.


carrie lee - October 24

TJS, I wish I could tell you that this wasnt a forever thing but for me it seems to be. My synptoms are very susceptible to low pressure, cold nd rain. I live in the midwest and it is beginning to get cold again and my pain is much more intense than in the summer. Good luck to you, take care of yourself,


AmberRose - October 24

Well ive noticed that when i am having a flare upa dn the weather bad i get really bad pain....a few months ago my wrists were super bad and one minute they would be fine and then we would get hail; for 5 mins and then id be in immense pain for the rest of the day..not toally sure if this is a coicindence though or not.


TERESA - October 24

TJS I agree with JJ1 that are symptoms are related to stress but for most of us weather changes are a form of stress. In the healthy body these outside stressors come & go unnoticed, but our bodies are more synsitive to changes in our enviroment. Because we were once heathy, we may not recognize this as stressors. There are things we can do to Keep our enviroment morre consistant ie, get a dehumidafer, keep your thermastat raised in the winter, etc,,, You may have drive others crazy with your continual changes though LOL! Hope this helps!


carm - October 24

Mine get bad with the weather , also stress and sometimes hormones. But I can predict rain like no one else. Pretty sad hey.


crystalmountz - October 25

Lately the wheather here in northeast Ohio has made me ache really bad. My Dad and both of my sisters and my neices have all been misserable with pain. I REALLY miss summer.


TJS - October 27

Thank you guys for the response, Amber Rose ,the wrist issue !! Ive just had three days can't even pick up any thing with my right wrist weird.. The weathr thing is a for sure as soon as the weather clears a few days I'm feeling better then bam when it changes.


andi - October 27

I'm new to the forum and the disease still trying to be diagnosed, but WOW! The weather has a tremendous effect on me too! I live in Michigan (GO TIGERS....LOL) and this past summer I was feeling better too.
By the first week in October (when he had snow....very rare) I started to hurt badly, and its just gotten worse! It led me to make an appontment with a rheumatoligist. I was able to get in this week, fortunately.
We're now in the process of eliminating all the things that this could be (I've been suffering from "something" since I was in my late 20's).
A car accident and surgery on my back from the accident seems to have just made it all worse...the pain that is.......and 2 years ago I started getting these chest, mid back and rib cage pain that is just awful!!
To continue with somewhat of an answer to your seems that in the Fall and deep into winter and early spring, I start looking to have MRI's and bloodwork to PLEASE do something for me!! So, I guess you living in the climate you live in and me in Michigan ........we may be in trouble!! Sorry to be negative........lets hang in there!


AmberRose - October 27

The longest ive goen wioth sore wrists is 2 weeks .....i wore a brace the whole time ! it kills me! i ahve to be very carefull too liek this morning i was putting in oil in the my van, and i used my right hand to try and take the cap off and and i jsut about screamed its hurt so bad .....



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