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How long to "flare-up's" last?
5 Replies
karie - October 2

I have not been diagnosed with FM, but I am pretty convinced this is the cause of all the strange and indescribable pains and aches and ditzyness I've been dealing with for years. Just sitting here is making me feel like my back is on fire, and like I can't hold up my own spine. My wrists are weak and swollen feeling. The low back of my head is burning. I have just about all of the symptoms I've been reading about all day long. I have read things today that have finally put the right words to these horribly frustrating feelings I've never been able to explain. I do not have medical coverage. I haven't been to the doc since I gave birth to my daughter, 4 yrs ago. I've had these issues since puberty, and they have gotten progressively worse and more often since a rollover car accident in '02. I have times where the pain in my lower back drops me to my knees. My neck feels like it's stuck in place, and if I move it, it will break. That's when it pops and burns, then sends a shooting headache to the top of my head. My shoulders ache, and my skin hurts so bad in places, my clothes hurt. I hate this. I have a serious fear of being looked at like a hypochondriac. I hate taking meds, and I avoid doctors. I firmly believe in a healing mental state, and I often meditate to calm my jumpy legs and take my mind away from the frustrating, agonizing pain. I can't sleep because my legs jump, and my neck hurts, and my hips and shoulders are so sore. My hands ache as if they are 90 years old. I'm constantly running into things, and have the strangest vision issues. I have to wear hats or sunglasses to places where I know the fluorescent lights are going to cause major headaches and massive agitation. Sounds make me nuts, like people talking to loud in a car or enclosed space, tv's that are on but muted. I get anxiety attacks and feel like I get over stimulated easily. The roof of my mouth occasionally feel as if it's been bruised. My nose runs all night., and I get headaches that roll with my body. I have three kids, and a husband who was just diagnosed with Chron's Disease.
So now I'm sitting here, admitting it's time to see a doc, afraid they won't believe me, and wondering how long this spell is going to last. I'm kicking myself for shoveling bark dust last weekend, and for going to the mall on Sat. Now I'm paying for it in a huge way. My legs and feet keep cramping dammit. This sucks. Just venting everyone......sorry. =)


doll1966 - October 2

Hi Karie-- I also have always had strange symptoms since my teens. It started with severe pain in my left shoulder. I am now 40, also feeling like I'm 90. Through the years I've been to numerous dr's with different complaints, and always felt like they thought I was a hypochondriac. At times there would be an obvious diagnosis, such as IBS, Overactive bladder, Migraines, among others. Sometimes I was told it was just my nerves, and I should learn how to relax. I've had 3 mri's of my brain and spine to rule out MS. Sometimes my symptoms were mild, but as I'm getting older, and if I overdo things or get stressed, (have 2 kids) every part of my body is affected. Tell me more about your vision issues. Sometimes my eyes seem to jump around, and I lose my focus. I am also sensitive to flourescent lights, and noise. My husband got annoyed at me last night because I couldn't sit still, my legs are always moving. My feet and legs are also in pain, crampy, burning, twitching, and tingling. I was finally diagnosed recently by a Rheumatologist (who said he doesn't treat fibro, I need a pain specialist). I'm on a few different meds, including vicodin, which doesn't really touch the kind of pain that we have). Anyway, I am trying to find a rheumo who treats fibro. I think there is a posting somewhere on this website listing all of the symptoms of fibro. Try to print it , check off all the symptoms you have, and add your own if you have to. Bring it with you, and don't let any doctor make you think it's in your head. I did that for too many years and suffered, believing them, until I started reading all the info posted here and other sites. This site is very comforting to me because for years I thought I was the only one who felt these things. Now I know I'm not alone, and I have a place to go when i think I'm losing my mind.


Amyloo - October 2

Hi Karrie, Doll is right. I would also advise checking for MS., especially with the vision issues. Finding the right doctor is key; either a rheumy or neurologist. I know you said you don't have health insurance; you will probably have to call doctors and tell them your situation. I feel for you. Amy


dalejr62 - October 2

I can so much agree with you ladies. I have blurred spots on my eyes I told my doctor about it and his answer was I never heard of that. Its like its on my iris's. I'm so tired of my legs, neck, arms, and feet all burning I can't get comfortable at all. I have a desk job. I get to walk so my butt,thighs wont hurt but then my spine doesn't want to hold me up my feet start hurting. It just makes me feel hopeless!!!!!!!!!!


karie - October 2

Thanks so much for everyones feedback. Today I am so low on energy, and the frustration is making my stomache go into knots. I took an early shower (after gettting my boys off to school) and got dressed, hoping that would rise my spirits and make me feel a bit better. I wasn't as stiff this morning, so I had hope. But of course, the shower, getting dressed, and putting some laundry away (my hubbie always wonders why I can never get it put away after I fold them.....I'm always winded! So they go into the basket. Hey, at least it's folded right? lol) completely wiped me out. Now I"m grumpy and agitated. I have to figure out what to prepare for dinner tonight, since the guilt of mac n cheese and party pizzas are starting to get to me. My hubbie is always telling me that one of my eyes go crossed when I'm talking to him,. Of course, I never can tell. If I look at something for to long, part of it will disappear, or get's spotty. Strange. Thanks for chatting, I hope to talk with you guys more soon. Hope you all have a great day.


Robin1237 - October 4

I think all these symptoms everyone is mentioning here are actually Lyme disease, a bacterial infection usually transmitted by infected ticks. It inflames our nerves and soft tissues and causes havoc with every body system. Please go read at You can post questions there and people will answer.

By the way, for eye problems, I'm drinking mangosteen juice, the Ultra brand. Health food stores carry it, and also online. It's an anti-inflammatory juice and has stopped my eye symptoms. if you try it, drink a lot of water with it.



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