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How old is everybody?
41 Replies
sl73 - November 3

50. Diagnosed at 47


sl73 - November 3

Talk about a fibro minute. I didn't think my answer went through yesterday so I answered again to day and put down that I was 50 instead of 51!!!


Debra4Real - November 4

Hi:barbar How are you doing??.Thanks so much for your reply to the post that i had written weeks ago.I just have the chance now to read all the posts out here and to read your reply.Again your so thoughtful and kind to everyone and i think very highly of you.I know that you have extreme pain and its very hard for you to cope,but your a very strong person and you will make it through this.Be proud of yourself for who you are and all that you do.God Bless you with good health and the strenght to fight all of your illness.Take Good care of Yourself.Always Debra..


barbar - November 6

Thanks, Debra. I really needed to hear that today. I've been really sick for the past week and can't tell whether it's a fibro flare up or a bad case of the flu. I'm just sick as a dog. I took another Lyme disease test, supposedly definitive, and I was so hoping that the results would come back positive. I used to have good days; now everyday is a bad day. But I will keep praying and keep working and see what comes through. How are you doing?


corrections1 - November 7

I was finally diagnosed TODAY!!! I have found a rhumatologist that listened to me and said without a doubt that was what was wrong with me. I cried all the way home back to Ohio from Indiana. I thank you sooo much for your support and kind advise that you give, and am sorry to see that you are so sick right now. After years of going to my Dr.s and having then poo poo my situation, it was a relief to have someone understand me.
I am 43 and have been going through this for four years. I have an appointment in two weeks so that he can give me the game plan? I had to go and have more blood work and x-rays on my hips and pelvic bone ,something about arthhritis?
Again, I hope you a speedy recovery, my prayers are with you!!!


Virg - November 7

Hi Corrections1 . I'm sure I'm not the only who knows the relief and numbness that you get when the diagnosis finaly comes in. You've been on a rough road getting this and that from so many people I bet. Now you could put a name to it and start listening to your body. The coping skills begin. And thats a constant. (I'm coping with trying a new schedule in my life and hopefully I get there). I'm sorry to hear you might be dealing with arthritis. I'm in the same boat with back and hip and other minor areas. It's not easy but again you have to find your own speed. LOL


carm - November 7

38 for me had FM for 7 years diagnosed a few months ago by docs. Live in TN


barbar - November 7

Dear Corrections1 (and everybody else), Sooooo happy to hear that you have finally been diagnosed. I think we all felt a wave of relief when a doctor finally said, "Yes, indeed, something is wrong and it is this and it is not in your head." As for the arthritis, fibro does something to induce the onset so they probably need to get a good picture of what damage has been done to your system so far. It is not enough to be diagnosed, you have to have a good doctor. I'm lucky because I live in an area with a lot of medical resources. I found who many consider to be THE expert on fibromyalgia. He treats to whole body, including getting the patient to counceling to learn how to deal with the disability. This counceling has been a wonder and so very helpful for work. You go through a process where the councelor identifies the mental impacts of fibro in addition to the mental impacts of having to have to deal with it. So you lear that confusion and mood changes are part of the disease, so how do you deal with that at work, for example? What are some strategies for identifying and dealing with chronic pain? Where does the fobro fit in your life and how do you feel about that? This disease alters our personalities (for theworse) and makes everything hurt. How do we cope, how do we live with that? I've had some wonderful insights so far. For example, I shop a lot. But I shop not because it is an obsession but because the serotonin rush relieves some of the pain, albeit temporarily. Once I understood that, I stopped the shopping, almost magically. Well, I better go. Just wanted to speak to the advantages of working with a doctor who really understands.


Kathryn1947 - November 11



Pajamakitty - November 12

Hi! I'm new to the forum as of today. I'm 38. I think I began experiencing symptoms when I was about 15. I'm not sure since I've had a miriad of health problems since I was 2.


asilinc298 - November 22

I am 49 and have synptoms since a bad ski crash that whiplashed my neck so since about the age of 21, I have flet like hell, and to date was diagnosed by a natural Dr not and MD about 2.5 years ago.



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