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How to show unemployment you are looking for work
4 Replies
Taffythepit - December 5

Hello all,
Looking for information on how to show unemployment office you are looking for work.

Has anyone had any experience with this? Everything is comuterized, all the temp agencies, posting resumes. I simply do not know how to do this....back in the day, looking for work was done one on one with an employment agency, and a interview, now it appears to be all electronic.

I have filed a ssdi claim with Alsup, which means I cannot work....however, I honestly think it is too competive in the working world, to expect anyone to hire me. That being said, I know I have to get a resume on line....but how do I let the unemployment know I am looking for work...this finding a job on the internet is something I know nothing about. Anyone have any information on how to do this, and report that I have been looking for work. Which I am not...I feel like an idiot for asking this..also, I feel bad about lying about it....maybe I just need to figure out how to do this, and learn to be ingnored or rejected from the working world.


jrzgirl1 - December 5

buy a local newspaper and go through the help wanted section, write down the job, date of newspaper,contact information, job requirements, email address, even clip the ad, tape the ads onto paper,copy them at a copy center also if there is a contact name, place where job is located, I know all the technology is a pain but you can also call around company;s to see if they are hiring, get the persons name, title, write down time and date you called


Fantod - December 5

Taffythepit - Craigslist which is online is good place to look for work. It is relatively simple to use. Find the listing of cities and click on the one that applies to you. Take a look at the job headings and click on whatever is applicable. Most employers ask for an email response. You could draft a short positive note that outlines your primary skills and contact information.

Some places like Walmart have a kiosk in the store by customer service which you use to apply for work.

Another online job search site is Monster. And, they provide an easy to use template on their site that you can use to build a resume.

In MI, the unemployment agency requires that you appear at one of their help centers. You are given a computer to use and you must use their template to build a simple resume that employers can see online through the MI job bank. Does your state have something similar? In MI, the information about doing this is sent in a packet once you are approved for unemployment.

Some local TV news stations also have job searches available on their websites. The economy is so bad that there are a lot more resources available including job fairs. You can also use Google to search for job fairs in your area.

Whatever you do, keep a list of the dates, times, name of the company and contact person (if applicable) for unemployment. A little organization goes a long way. This is not as difficult as you seem to think. Keep your chin up. We are all here to help. Take care.


momma2zac - December 6

Try the employment security com suggested it to me and I love it..Its like a compilation of all job sites...just put in your city and state...Good luck..Im waiting on mine to kick in...


Fantod - December 6

Taffythepit When you are appproved for SSD you can still work and earn up to $10,000 a year. You should try to find a company like Whole Foods that (at least they used to) offers health insurance even for part time employees. Good luck and take care.



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