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I need answers for the pain that I constantly experience.
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Girlinpink - May 20

Hello everyone,
I'm 25 years old and I have experienced a lot of pain the past year or two. The most chronic pain that I have experienced is back pain (muscles, spine, etc.). I have been given an MRI and have also been tested for arthritis and a few other things. The MRI showed no major issues. I have also gone to physical therapy which did help, however I have recently lost my job and have no health insurance. I am going to the doctor tomorrow to speak with him about my symptoms and how we manage the pain through diet, exercises and possibly medications.
The symptoms I am experiencing are:
Chronic Back Pain- sore muscles, lower back pain, my muscles tingle and feel like they are burning.
Body stiffness in the morning and goes throughout the day.
Headaches- I get these on the left side of my face and I can feel pain shooting into my head from the spine area.
Pain in my Knees- burning pain and I sometimes can not walk long. Elbows- painful too.
My right wrist into my fingers.
Stomach problems
Major Fatigue
Panic Attachs- about one a week (chest pain). Been tested for heart problems
Teeth and gums hurt sometimes.
Sore throat and ears constantly.

I know there are so many people that suffer from these problems and I ask for any suggestions and comments. I need an answer to my daily painful body. I'm too young for this. I have never abused my body with drugs or alcohol. I did smoke and I quit this year on Valentine's Day (3 months). I take daily vitamins, I go for walks and I have consumed less sugary and salty foods. I am willing to make any changes to my lifestyle to reduce the pain.
Any suggestions?


axxie - May 20

Welcome Girlinpink

Welcome to our board and hope we will be able to help you with fibro questions. I am sorry you are feeling all this pain, it is frustrating, we all understand.

Has your doctor done a total medical history and has he done laboratory tests, to rule out other illnesses and conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus.

Did your doctor do a history of widespread pain, and tender point, by palpitation on your back, shoulder, buttock and lower back.

You seem to have many of the symptoms, but doctors will take time to rule out other problems before diagnosing you.

Treatments are general drughs used to treat musculoskeletal pain, such as aspirin, non steroids. Low dosages of antidepressants, sleeping pills and over the counter creams that are used on the skin.

You will need to eat an almost vegetarian diets or as close as possible, to that you don't stimulate the inflammation and pain due from the animal meat (red meat). Eat more fish, chicken no more then twice a week, no sandwich meat, no artificial coloring or sugars, no coffees, no sodas, no milk or milk products.

Try drinking water with lemon to purify your liver and should help you with the inflammation and pain. Be careful if you suffer from digestive problems.

As for exercise, avoid high impact or loading exercise, such as jogging, basketball,high-impact aerobics. Go for low impact aerobics, walks, swimming.

Massages, physioterapy, heat and rest is good, showers or baths to relieve the pain. Go for massage that assists you in the removal of waste from muscles, giving you fore oxygen to your body. Hydrotherapy I think it's called?

I wish you good luck in finding out what you have and please return to our board when you have found out if you have Fibro, as much as I wish I hope it's not what you have, it's hell most of the times in trying to get a good handle on it.

Try feverfew which is a natural pain reliever, helpful for migraine headaches, you would take 1 or 2 at 125 to 150 mg up to four times daily. Drink loads of water


Girlinpink - May 21

Thank you so very much for the suggestions! I will mention these few tests tomorrow to him. I will follow up with my post. Thank you very much!


Girlinpink - May 23

Hello Everyone.
I went to my doctor with a list of my symptoms and asked him if it could be possible if I had fibro. He pretty much told me that he does not like the label and the studies completed for this illness. He did however give me some medicine. He gave me lyrica. This medication took most of my pain away, however I am extremely dizzy, tired and confused. My appetite isn't there but I have been extremely thirsty! I'm contemplating on continuing this medication. He gave me a one week sample for free. Any comments or suggestions about this drug? Does anyone else experience these side effects?


solanadelfina - May 23

Hello there. Different meds work differently for people, it seems. I tried Lyrica one time for the pain, and the next morning I felt like I had downed about four Long Island ice teas and I couldn't even walk in a straight line! I've had much better luck with tramadol, and haven't really noticed any side effects. It even helps clear my head a bit.

BTW, does this doctor understand and sympathize with what you're going through? Fibro is recognized as being real, whatever others may think about the label, and it's important to have your health team on your side and listening to you.


axxie - May 23

Hey Girlinpink

Hey if you can manage with lyraca, go for it, the only thing I can say is, yes, it's a good drug but you have to tinker with the dosage and loads of people have complaint about gaining weight fast.

I was on lyraca, and it didn't do well for me, so my doctor changed me to cymbalta, it works, but needed time to adjust to the after affects. I'm now on 6 months and I can honestly say, it actually works for me, but everyone is different, so maybe you can ask your doctor to change you to the new drug savilla (I think) apparently it's in the same family as lyraca but much better. I wish I had some information but it's so new that people on it haven't yet responded yet on how it is.

Hope all things work well and I'm not shock with the doctor saying he didn't want to label you as fibromyalgia, that's fine, it's his problem, as long as your dr treats you that's all that counts.

BTW along with cymbalta I take Trazadone for sleeping and it works well for me. Hope you find that special medication that will work for you.



curefibronow - July 1

OMG! I have the exact same symptoms you have, and I'm 30. Your profile matches mine exactly. I have been experiencing these symptoms for 10 years now. What helps me sometimes are hot showers. I also use a cervical pillow, which seems to help with my neck tension and tension headaches.



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