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bmcgovern - January 13

I am not positive if i have this but i have noticed when i do go i does relieve pain and i do get constipated and don't know what to really do for that besides trying to get some fiber. I have been having cramping in my intestine area and am wondering if that is part of IBS? If anyone has any suggestions to help please let me know and what kind of symptoms you have?


Noca - January 13

fiber, fiber, and more fiber is what my doc suggested... Btw, opioid analgesic medication often causes constipation, and many FMS sufferers are on that class of medication.


bmcgovern - January 13

I am trying to get enough fiber. I just can't take fiber pills because it says on the bottle if you have a bad stomach don't take this so i am trying to get it from vegetables and apples. I am not on any prescription medication and i do watch what i eat.


Polarbearcub - January 13

Hi, I have IBS for years and years. ugh If your constipation is regular then you can ask your doctor for either miralax (powder you mix in a juice or something)or amitiza, a pill. I tried the miralax but ti was not strong enough for me. The amitiza did the trick, I take 2 twice a day. if I take any meds that cause constipation I get in trouble right away. :0(

If it's an occasional thing you can try prunes or a prune laxative that wal-mart sells. Good-luck


bbass - January 13

Magnesium helps with constipation and muscle aches. So along with fiber,plenty of water, and magnesium...should work itself out


anniepooh32 - January 13

I have IBS and have had it for 12 years now. I believe that it is important to also remember to drink plenty of water. This wil help with constipation also.

Fiber doesn't help me at all. Actually, it tend to make me worse. Not sure why.

Cramping is a sign of IBS. Do you alternate between Diarrhea and Constipation or do you have one or the other consistently? I have IBS-D which simply put means I have very loose stools all of the time and very very rarely constipation.

Other signs of IBS are mucus in your stools. I have this also. Pain and cramping which we have already discussed.

My advice would be for you to see a gastroenterologist and have them run some tests if you think this is what you may have. They will be able to tell you for sure as well as be able to give you a proper treatment regiment.

Hope this helps.

Best regards and well wishes.




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