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IBS response needed asap
3 Replies
jrzgirl1 - December 13

I am having surgery on Thurs, late last Thurs, I started feeling alot of paim, went to my PCP, he cleared me, I told him how I was feeling,IBS was a diag. from a colonoscopy done in 04
I am still in pain,bloating,gas and Pain,even under my right rib,I am on a bland diet, no dairy just decaf tea, toast,scrambled eggs,bland roast beef and water. Has anyone had this last this long and if so what did your do. I have to call my Ob-gyn tomorrow as I am scheduled for a D&C on Thur. to see what I should do, will he cancel it or go ahead, I have to be honest with him, I get some relief from passing gas and using a heating pad,a long with maylox,now i canot go to the bathroom,I took immodium ad Saturday,my body needs fiber and other foods to get back to normal if there is a "Normal"


kvc33 - December 13

I think anyone with IBS should be tested for food allergies to see if that is the problem. Grains are often the culprit, stop having toast. Eggs are also a common allergen. Try just fruit and vegetables, although some people with fibro are fructose intolerant which means they can't have fruit. I find that even tea upsets my stomach if I don't have a bit of milk with it to buffer the tannic acid so switch to herbal for now. Any rice products are okay for someone who can't tolerate gluten. You will find rice cereal, pasta, and crackers at your local grocery store. An elimination diet is one where you try just a couple of foods for a few days and it that works well then you add one more food and so on until you find a problem. I would start out with cooked carrots and peas and then add other veg one at a time. Then introduce a fruit such as apple or banana. If it turns out that foods are not your problem there are medications specifically for IBS that are used for women.


jrzgirl1 - December 13

This is the first time in yrs I have had it this bad.I will have to see what my ob/gyn says about the surgery and will he do i tor postpone it


Noca - December 13

Theres heating pads, OTC Simethicone, or prescription Dicetel that I know of(have to ask your doctor for that, and I don't know if its available in the US). The elimination diet sounds like a good idea too.

For fibre try those Bran Bars or Total cereal.



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