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UmmHamza - March 15

I was diagnosed about 8 years ago. I was going to the Doctor with so many different symptoms. Finally, I got things under control with no knowledge or understanding of this condition. It went from being unbearable to me feeling like I had my life back. Until about 4 1/2 years ago I got married. It was a mentally and verbally abusive marriage that set things off again. I almost felt like I did not even know who I was anymore. I was constantly depressed; getting migranes; blurry vision; aches and pains. Difficulty breathing and sleeping. My memory was getting bad and I did not realize until today when I fell upon this website what my problem was all of this time. Now I am out of the abusive marriage and I want to learn all that I can to make myself well again. So if any of you can help me educate myself pertaining to this mind boggling disease. Please do so!

Umm Hamza


kvc33 - March 15

Fibromyalgia can be triggered by emotional trauma. Your nervous system has become over-reactive because of the environment you were living in. You need to calm it down again. I would suggest daily deep breathing exercises, meditation, counseling to deal with the abuse that you suffered and a daily walk in nature. Gentle massage, warm baths and stretching can also be helpful. Work your way back to feeling at peace with yourself and your life.


Sandybeach - March 15

Just read ur post,firstly im happy to hear that your"e out of a rotten marriage.Im fairly new here too but find that others help me a lot with offers off advice,about meds,treatment,etc,even when i feel like just having a gripe,in which we all seem to do at some point.The associated illnesses list on the left is very helpfull,read through im sure you will.Have you been to see the rheumatologist?maybe you should go if not.Anyway welcome to the board,im sure you will use it very often.take care xxxx



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