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inflamation and infertility?
3 Replies
snapdragon79 - July 7

Hi, just saw a snippet on the news about infertility and inflamation, I have fybromyalgia for well over ten years, Im 32 now and need to start thinking of starting a family soon, just wondered if any of you out there have heard much about this or if this has affected them personally, Im not in baby mode just yet but must think about it if this may be the case, my inflamation levels are though the roof due to fybro, so all very interesting to me, if you could shed some light on this it would be great, thankyou.


barley - July 7

Hi, I also have high inflamation levels. My Fibro was diagnosed after having had children, but it wasn't easy having them due to polycystic ovaries, this condition also raises inflammatory levels so it my be worth you checking for this. Went through IVF tree times, lost 3 babies but did manage to have two children ages now 19 and 9. Don't let my experience put you off, all I would say is if you are worried about your fertility get it checked sooner than later. Once you get to 35 you are too old for IVF treatment through the NHS. It wasn't available for me when I had it so have ended up spending about £28,000.


snapdragon79 - July 8

Hi barley, thankyou for your post, Im sorry for your loss. Im not aware of any problems in my reproductive area, but what I saw on news alarmed me,as I am 32 and should be thinking along the baby track...I have paid expensive health insurance every year to cover me in the event of having to go down the IVF track, only because of my age and me not getting "clucky", but on your advice I will go and get things checked out, as I was unaware of an age limit, (I just assumed it was over 40?)Im in australia, where as I belive it is partly covered by our medicare system, but as for the age system...totally unsure, just the though of copeing with a new baby and fibro has really put me off, thankyou for sharing your info with me, will be sure to let you know the out come, many thanks and take care.


January - July 9

HI snapdragon! Don't know if this would relate to you, but - I was tested years back when I was feeling pretty sick and my inflammation markers (like homocysteine and CRP) were really high. I went gluten free. A couple years later, I re-tested all the bad bloodwork and everything had normalized! A couple minor things were slightly off, but the inflammation markers were fine. BTW, if you are one of those people with "silent" undiagnosed celiac disease, infertility is common in celiac disease (which causes INFLAMMATION of the small intestine). The treatment is to stop eating gluten.

AND… I don't know if you are taking antidepressants - but if you are, please do some careful checking before you get pregnant. Many of these drugs - like Paxil and Zoloft are now the subject of lawsuits in the US because there is a link between taking them and having babies with birth defects. If you google "antidepressants and pregnancy" you should be able to find more detailed information. I am not sure any SSRI or SNRI is really safe. And it can take a long time for them to clear from your body. There are many postings by people who quit and go through lengthy withdrawal periods, with weird symptoms lasting more than a year sometimes. Good to think ahead about these things. : )



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