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Invisble liquid excreted from eyes, nose, scalp, and ears.
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Ryan - December 15

At first it felt as though my face was a swiffer dust mop and every time some dust particles came by they would get caught in my invisible magnetic field till I brushed it away. I wrestled with the idea of this being under my skin and not outside but have conclusively tested that I can brush it away and feel it drop on my arm or leg. Also sometimes I can hear it drip onto a hard surface. I read that FM patients have large pores that allows microparticles to slip though that normally could not. About 5-10 times a day I get a sharp pain in my chest followed by a rush of itchy fluid flowing out my scalp, eyes, and ears , I wonder if is in the blood and the heart has to push it though causing a brief chest pain.
I have learned how to control the rate at which it flows simply by mood and emotion. I've found that thinking of others makes my arms itch, anger sends an electric sensation to the top left side. If perplexed or calculating it is a top right side itch. Unfortunately all the itchy sensations has me scratching bald spots in my hair. I did notice sometimes the secretions were a few degrees cooler than body temp. I tested this by allowing it to flow into the corner of my couch creating a small pocket of slightly cooler air almost feeling misty.

The itch caused me to touch my face alot causing acne, which would dry out my skin. I noticed that when it started to flare up and flow that skin and scab flakes from my blemishes were dropping unto my black book. Which validated my theory that it came out my pours. It has been non stop flowing for about 6 months now and I have been able to tune my emotion to produce all sorts of sensations. For example if I want it to flow from my nose I think sad thoughts. If frustrated or uncomfortable it flows from both eyes (for crying out loud) if I want an electric shock to course through my body than I think of doing something heroic. Weird but consistent and true. Closing my eyes and looking up will do the same effect but sometimes there is a strain that prevents me from looking up more than a brief moment. This occurs when I'm tired or depressed almost as if I feel heavier. That is when I ask why I feel heavier and 95% of the time is because my brain is telling me to do something but laziness prevents the task from getting done. But at that very moment if I realize what I need to do and say "don't be lazy just do it" I will get that electric rush sensation.


January - February 5

Ryan - I left you a post on another message thread. You mentioned you have been doing transcendental meditation. Please speak with your meditation teacher about the symptoms you are having, or seek out someone who is educated about meditation and its effects, like kundalini awakening. They might be able to give you some answers.



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