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Is it common to have periods of panic attacks with fibro?
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tiredmomma - June 8

I was diagnosed in 2006 shortly after my son was born. I went through a hard year of thinking I was having a heart attack (chest, shoulder pain and GERD). I also had a hard bout in 2009 while pregnant with my daughter. I have had a few "flare ups" in the past 4 years but nothing bad til about a month ago. I started having major panic attacks thinking I had a rare connective tissue disorder due to weird symptoms. I know this sounds bad but I've never really accepted the diagnosis of fibromyalgia til now. I still struggle with the fact that there is no diagnostic test. I still worry I have Marfan or EDS or something strange. Did anyone else go through this? My anxiety is bad now, which in turn makes me GERD bad, my aches and pains bad and I get other strange symptoms. Is having a tingling head fibro? Or is excessive yawning a symptom? Also, I wonder, is TMJ a typical comorbidity with fibro too? Monday, I also found out I had celiac disease so I'm


tiredmomma - June 8

coping with that diet. Do these 2 diseases usually exist together? Sorry I have so many questions, it just seems like my doctors dismiss fibro. My rheumy is the only one who seems to believe in it. I've had millions of tests by way too many specialists and Celiac and Fibro and OCD are all I've actually been diagnosed with. I still worry about a connective tissue disorder or a vascular disease. Just wondered if anyone else struggled with this? Sorry to rant. I appreciate any input!
Thanks so much!
SO glad to have found this site!!!


tiredmomma - June 10

Anyone? :)


PEANUT - June 11

Hi. I think I can relate to what you are saying here. I was diagnosed 2 years ago (although I suspect I've had since late 1990's when I started experiencing pain that seemed to migrate throughout my body without rhyme or reason) Anyway prior to the diagnosis I was having bad bouts of being unable to breathe fully/excessive yawning. It seemed to start off that I got light headed, inability to catch a breath, usually nausea then severe belching. Needless to say this caused me some anxiety but I was usually able to get the anxiety under control as it would only make the other problems worse. Anyway I do still have anxiety, sometimes to the point where I feel the need to run, run, run. Luckily I am at a point where I am well enough that I was able to get back into running on good days. I still get the occasional breathing problem and definitely still have the 'belching' issues but not like before. I am more careful about what I eat - I stay away from most bread, pastas etc as well as milk and try to avoid processed foods. I have noticed definite improvement with fewer bouts and I am not as chronically fatigues as I was 3 years ago. Anyway I can relate to your issues and thought I would share. I see that you have been diagnosed as Celiac so you will be making big diet changes and hopefully you will feel better. Meanwhile, keep on moving and laugh every chance you get!


Sonja44 - June 27

When you have one Auto Immune are at risk of getting other Auto Immune diseases. Sucks but true.

I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction. Of course that usually comes with IBS too.


Cher0208 - July 12


Well, I'm going through the same thing now and have for the past 3 or so years. "Fibromyaglia", Chronic Fatigue, GERD, anxiety, depression and the list goes on. Funny how similiar our conditions are. For a few weeks now I have had trouble breathing. I get the chest pain every so often. I also have gluten intolerance and my nutritionist just had me stop eating eggs, dairy and soy to see if things improve. Also, have the shoulder pain bad. And constant anxiety that this is either something much more serious or that its turning into something more serious. I have had a gazillion tests done by a gazillion doctors also and I feel your frustration and pain. I found that being on a gluten free diet, getting adequate sleep, taking the right supplements (I'm not on any medication nor do I plan on getting any), doing my yoga and/or jogging all help me to the point where I am almost symptom free. It took me a long time of eating clean and strict to get to that point and I think the recent flare up is from 2 things. Well 3 things. I had sangria last weekend -which should be fine because wine is gluten free although its always going to cause inflammation to some degree as will anything that has sugar. After drinking it - I thought it tasted weird- I was told it was made with E&J and Triple Sec and a bunch of other crap. NOT GLUTEN FREE. My fault for getting lazy and not asking beforehand. I think not being able to sleep the past few weeks is contributing and finally the heat. Rest. Eat good. Continue to educate your elf and try to keep your stress low. This too shall pass...for a while anyway.


[email protected] - August 18

Definitely go gluten free. I haven't been officially diagnosed with Celiac (I've been off gluten for way too long for a test to be effective), but going gluten free has made my fibro symptoms far less severe. Same for my mom (She's had fibro for over 20 years, and was the one who convinced me to go GF in the first place).

Sorry about the anxiety. :( I have a panic disorder as well; I have no idea if fibro causes panic attacks, but I do know that severe stress/anxiety makes my fibro worse.


surya2509 - August 20

Hello, I am male 34 with bunch of problems alover my body. Please read below for my series of symptoms

1. Dizziness 24/7 - Its not vertigo but i feeel unstudyness like i am moving like a pendulum. - Consulted many ENT and they suggested meds (Cinnarizine, Ginkobilabo, vertin...) the meds didnt help me to get out from my dizziness

2. Sharp pain mostly at left side of body and occationally right side - Its like pins and needles sensation in fingers and numbness , mild electric shock feeling - For this i have consulted a Neuro and had nerve conduction studies, MRI Brain, Spine... (normal results but Vit B12 is borderline)

3. Occationally i am facing double vison / blurr vison and it will come back normal on its own after 10 minuts.

4. Headachs (both side) espicially temple sides, and i feel like bugs crawling / water trickling under right side sclap.

5. Burning sensation allover my body (most of the time notice at feet and palms). its like i stand up on a hot coal.

4. Tightness / pain in chest and feeling palpitations - for this i have consulted a Cardiologist and took ECG, Holtermonitor (Holter shows i have 58bpm and ECG shows 105bpm)

Note: Also undergone for many blood tests and everything is fine, I have a blood pressure between 150/60 to 160/90.

The symptoms are really affects my daily life / job.. i am unable to spend time with my family and childerns.

I am a smoker and social drinker



jordanmakenzie - August 22

I've had fibro for 13+ years now. Sucks!! I have a list of symptoms a mile long. One thing leads to another. I went on vacation with my husbands family when we first got married. We all stayed in the same house. A little stressful you could say. When we came home, I was rushed to the hospitial. I thought I was having a heart attack. I know now after all these years that it is just fibro and stress. Yes, panic attacks too. Go lay down on your bed and find away to calm down. After you realize it is just fibro, you will find a way to get them to pass. TMJ, IBS, Brain tingling, Gerd, Pain every/anywhere, etc. Should I go on? Been to a fibro doc, helped a little. Did find out through all the blood tests I have a infection of some sort too. I read on this site thur others that an infection might be the cause of fibro. Interesting!!


Sympathetisoul - May 7

Hi, I have had Fibro, Rhuematoid Arthritis, GERD, IBS, anxiety, panic attacks, problem with my chest where the ribs hook to it which has a name but right now I can't remember it. But the list goes on. I hurt all over and skin burns with sharp pangs and again I could go on. Two years ago I was put on disability and am taking a fist full of pills twice a day but still cannot do much of anything. I have moved from the cold Michigan weather to the warm dessert of California per my doctors recommendation. The sun has helped with the depression and some with the Rhuematoid but not noticed a lot of change with the Fibro. I notice that with stress and not getting enough rest I also get more pain. But I am going to start a glutin free diet soon and I'm hoping will help.



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