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Is this a Fibromyalgia symptom?
13 Replies
Maura F. - September 21

I have been having tingling in the right arm and right leg at night. It is like when they go to sleep because you have them under something. But they are not, I just wake up with the feeling. I was wondering if it was a sympton of Fibromyalgia.


dana - July 27

i believe this is one of the fibro symptoms...i have it also, sometimes.


noel - July 27

I get tingling in both arms and my right thigh, same as you it is mainly at night. I have also noticed that that im starting to get finger drop in my left hand and i have significant muscle wasting in my left arm. Im currently waiting to see a neurological physiologist for testing to find the cause. Im not entirely sure if this is a fibro symptom but would be very interested to see how many other people post with similar problems


Asil - July 27

I also get tingling in my arms and legs on the right side. I also get tingling and numbness is my face on the right side. It really bothers me. It happens in the day time and last for days.


Lynne - July 28

I also get tingling but my doctors think it is coming from the herniated disc in my neck. You should have it checked.


stephanie - July 28

I get tingling often.. it seems to happen at night or when I wake up.. I have read this is common with fibromyalgia.


Jenny - August 4

It is one of the symptoms, I have it to and sometimes it feel like there are bugs crawling on me.


Maura - August 7

Thank you for your help. I went to my Dr. and she is doing blood work this week. If nothing then a MRI will be done. Wish me luck.


Angel - August 7

Hi Maura:::Do your hands go numb?And If they do how often?.


Maura - August 10

Hi Angel. I just looked at your post. Yes my right hand does go numb. At night it seems to happen about 2-3 times a night for a few nights. Then nothing for a few days. I think it has only happened in the day a couple of times.


Maura - September 18

I had my mri two weeks ago. It did not show anything new. Arthritis and problems with some disk. That was all. The tingling has not been as bad as before. Hope it goes away.


Barbara - September 18

Tingling can be a fibro symptom but it can be a symptom of any number of other things. I suggest you get to a neurologist and have an MRI done.


Anne Hillebrand - September 21

Yes. It will go away, but not on its own.

Check your Saliva pH.

[email protected]


barbar - December 18

Could you give us an update on how you're doing with this? Hope you doing ok.



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