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It really is enough to make you think you're crazy!
4 Replies
ljkentucky - June 15

Just venting and sharing. I really get a lot of insight by reading others posts. I was just thinking that, in my case anyway, the way that the pain changes and moves is really enough to make you question your senility sometimes. If you had just one type of pain, in one part of your body, I think it would be easier for people to understand. But one day my shoulder/chest will hurt, then another day my hips. Then all the odd things like twitching muscles, palpitations--which lead to anxiety, the temperature sensitivity etc. etc. By the way does anyone feel cold then thirty minutes later feel like you have a fever in your hands/arms and that they are going to explode?
Anyway sorry to ramble, but when you think about trying to explain all this to someone who doesn't get it, it makes you think you must be crazy. You just put on your "happy" face and go on.


Pikespeak - June 16

Hi Kentucky! I feel you!!! The backs of my upper arms get hot, but not really cold. Sometimes I put a cold compress on them. To keep from explaining too much, I just explain that it's what used to be called rheumatism. And to get out of obligations (especially the ones I don't want to do), I just beg off as not having slept well. Most people can relate to those...


January - June 16

Hi Kentucky - yes, it is weird how the pain moves around! My main problem is joint pain - and it moves around. I think humidity makes it worse. And I'm pretty sensitive to temperature too. Also, there is the possibility that we are just so overly sensitized to pain that we "notice" pains and twitches, and discomforts that other people shrug off. (I don't mean to minimize perception of pain though!)

Pikepeak - I like what you say about "it used to be called rheumatism." It's a great answer. It got me thinking -- my mother (an RN from a family of "old-time" doctors) had rheumatism and always said it was because she had scarlet fever as a child. Scarlet fever is basically untreated strep - as in strep throat - I've had more strep throats than I can count! Wonder if others on here have had a lot of problems with strep?? I had some kind of viral illness at least once or twice every year - and a lot of them put me flat out for a week or more. My immune system was never strong enough to fight things off. I had that problem since childhood. Better now that I'm gluten free!


Cher0208 - June 17

I used to get strep every year as a kid. Sometimes twice a year. There you go....another "coincidence" with Fibromyalgia sufferers!

And oh yes, I have thought maybe I was crazy on more than a few occasions. My symptoms are so random and the list is extremely long. I have numbness that comes and goes. Right now (for the past 2 weeks) it came back in my right hand and left foot. I also get "desensitized" in the oddest places. I won't say where but you can probably guess. My pain can be so bad in my muscles and joints on and off throughout the day. On my way to work I might be in pretty bad pain and at some point during work I'll realize I am not in pain whatsoever. Then I will be home that evening and notice the pain again. My vision gets blurry for weeks at a time and then is fine for months. When I go to my doctor I'm like "Okay, I have a new symptom. And I am just telling you to tell you but it probably means nothing." At least now she is taking me seriously. More serious than I am taking it myself. She will always send me to an appropriate specialist. And then I will always spend a fortune and not get an answer.


Haya - June 18

I totally get what you mean! My mum might be a Fibro patient and every time we go to a doctor they thing she is faking the pain or that she is too spoiled, I want to punch them all in the face! even people can't relate and Mum herself stated to doubt it!



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