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Itching all over
90 Replies
Heather - August 5

I am wondering if my all over body itching is related to my rash or redness and it is not relieved by antihistamines...just an unbearable itch everywhere!!!!


JB - September 19

I have had the itching too. Dry skin or allergies could be the culprit. Having a water softener, mild soaps(even for laundry) and moiturizer for skin may help. Also, Wal-Mart carries ant anti-itch medicine in a tube that you apply externally.


debs UK - September 19

oh wow someone with the same as me although ive just listed the question as pins and needles. iv got no rash and antihistimines dont work. im not sure if mine is a itch or pins and needles it feels like as if there are ants crawling all over me drives me nuts.


Heather - September 19

Thanks for the advice, but actually I do use mild soaps, and my skin is far from dry...I bought the Aveeno stuff for my bath, I apply vaseline from head to toe before bed, I bought an anti-itch cream. I am lost, I can't stop itching all over...It is a terrible feeling!!!


Jean - September 20

Sometimes medication can cause itching. Prescribed medication like tramadol. Are you on any medicines?


Derek - October 15

I get the same itching. Sometimes I refer to it as burning skin when it gets intense. Have not found anything to make it better yet.


SHAZ - October 18

I used to get the itch on the trunk of my body and lower legs,but since washing in sorbolene cream instead of soap I found this helps a lot


Arlene - November 14

I have the itching problem too. I am going nuts! feels like bugs are crawling on me and biting me everywhere! There is no rash and it almost always begins as soon as I sit down and relax at night or retire to bed. Everything is clean so I have to believe this is related to FMS or some other condition.


Jan - November 15

When I get the feeling that I have bugs crawling all over me. (I call it heebie-jeebies :) I take a Xanex and it helps.


Christina - December 5

I get that itchy crawly sensation too. It is so annoying. It is usually worse when I'm sitting but it is all the time. If I'm wearing long sleeves I just roll them up and it will disappear on my arm. The itch is everywhere. No antihistamines or anything will help. I think it is due to my Fibro but no doctor can figure it out.


Jean - December 6

This sounds too much like an alergic reaction to something. I would see an allergist to see what he has to say about it.


Suzanne - December 28

Yesssssssss I itch ALL the time all over !!
I take ATARAX which is a very strong prscribed anihistimine an dit helps very much, but also
makes me sleepy ! I also itch from my nerves too !
type in your search engine...Itching fibromyagia and you will find MANY articles on this, websites !
good luck !


Bernie - January 3

Itching, or bug crawling sensation, this is another one of the signs of peri-menopause.
So many of the symptoms of peri-menopause and fibro. overlap. Maybe we dont really have fibro. - wouldn't that be nice????


Alison - January 3

This is a tough one. I always assumed my itching was a side effect of the anti-depressants, but as anti-histamines don't always work I do wonder if it is the FM. One of the lists of symptoms I found on-line does have itching on it - as well as pins and needles. It does make sense that we might get false messages from the nerves about itching the same way we do with pain, which would explain the lack of rash and why medication doesn't work. Unfortunately knowing why doesn't make it go away. Sorry.


Jean - January 4

Hi Heather: It can be related to Fibromyalgia but it can also be an underlying condition not diagnosed yet. I still say talk to your doctor and see an allergist to get all other possible conditions out of the way. In the mean time keep your skin moist. What causes the itching in my opinion is an over active histamine rush that has to be stopped. Let us know what you find out. :) smile


Chris Barager - January 4

I have had this for several years but I have found a lotion that works. It is Renew lotion from melaleuca. Also switching from chemical based cleaning products in my home to natural based melaleuca products have really helped. Evidently with FMS there is a hightened chemical senitivity. We also added a water softening shower head which has helped. you may e-mail me for more info [email protected]


Jean - January 5

Hi Heather: yes, it can be a symptom of Fibromyalgia but it can also be caused by medications used in the treatment of Fibromyalgia. Nothing will really help it except to keep it moist with cream or lotion or finding out what medication will be giving you this side affect. If it still is a problem just contact your doctor and let him/her help you with this problem.



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