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Itching all over
90 Replies
sos101 - February 5

I have itching as well. Started while i was in high school. It sometimes gets so bad that i wake up from it. It feels like little light jabbs of a needle. I itch and then somewhere else the needle jabs again. All night long. Lately that needle in my left leg has been intense. Feels like some one just stuck a needle in my leg and left it there. There is a web site that talks about not eating any wheat/gluten, corn, dairy, citrus and soy to help relieve the symtoms of FM. I stopped eating wheat and gluten a few years ago(which is just about everything) and in three days i did feel a little better. But the itching is still there. I need to omit the rest to see if that will help out or not. I do have sjorgrens syndrome (it is a auto immue disease that your body attacks the water producing glands) so i have dry eyes, mouth , sinuses, skin and organs can be involed in that as well. But i dont think that is where it is coming from. I also have numbness and some tingleing in my arms and legs inside my mouth, scalp, and some of the tingling is a 5 second tingle in a huge area. sometimes in clusters sometimes by themseves. so i dont know if the itching is a by product of the numbness spreading. The nerves are firing to much and trying to over compensate for nerves going bad or what. The eye doc explained that with sjogrens syndrome that the eyes tear excesively to compensate for the glands that are dying out. The body's reflex mechinisum to correct a diseased area of the body.


axxie - February 7

Welcome to the what I refer to the skinace syndrom. Apparently it's an irritation. Not cured by histamine. Benedryl creme can help along with ice can temporarily help. Keep the skin moist with lotion. My doctor had given me doxepin for awhile to help with the itch. It helped, doxepin is an antidepressant which had an antihistamine something in it to help relieve the itch. I was on it for about three months and then was switch to Cymbalta 60mg, the itch went away and I was complaining of something else. See the doctor. Good luck, but yes, loads of us have it, or have it and are being treated for it, or have gone on to something new. Welcome to the world that has just turned your world upside down.


kathp - February 13

hi i suffer from fibromyalgia and sometimes have nights when i cant stop itching , i think it is due to the illness x kath


JOEGIRL - February 14

I wondered if itching was from fibro now I know.. I don't itch all the time but when it starts it just about drives me nuts. It usually starts at night when I go to bed. grrrrrrrrrrrrr .. I just get up and pour on the lotion and anti itch cream and take a xanax and it helps..


squaw14 - January 8

I have been fighting itching. Cut sls from your soaps. Seems like vinegar poured over it helps. Take Savella and haven't checked side effects for itching.
Going to go to Walmart for antiitch creme.


Noca - January 8

Opioids can cause and often cause body wide itching as a side effect.


squaw14 - January 9

Band-aid calamine spray does wonders


squaw14 - January 9

Bandiaid calamine spray get itch calmed


Canada17 - January 9

My doctor suggested rubbing olive oil on my body before taking a shower. It protects our skin from getting dried out from all the stuff that's in our water.

Oh, I know it sounds odd.


CKA - September 18

Hi. Did you ever find the solution to your itching? I am having the same itching as if there are little lice jumping all over my body. Drives me insane. I have new bed and linen, so its not bed bugs. I have no rash, no redness, NOTHING. But get this itchiness, mostly at night, but I have it in various places all over my body as I speak to you. Feels like some minute insect is jumping on the hairs of my body, and on my skin. INsane


aviks - September 18

Yes, I found a solution, but not a cure.

I was diagnosed with Dermatographia (urticaria / hives). I produce too much histamine! It’s not an allergy, though. The dermatologist said I probably had it all my life but something triggered a flare. A flare can last a day, weeks, years or a life time! I have to stay away from high histamine foods and drugs, and I have to take high amounts of anti-histamines (prescription). I was also prescribed Hyderm + Menthol cream mix. Antihistamines might help you even if you don’t have what I have. GO SEE A DERMATOLOGIST! Since Dermatographia is an autoimmune issue, I have to wonder if more Fibros have this problem.
To start, try eliminating these foods and meds from your diet;
Tomatoes and tomato based products, nuts, shellfish, chocolate, strawberries, Advil and other anti-inflammatory drugs and narcotics.
Let me know if this helps.

Please keep in mind your problem could be a side effect or symptom of something else; you should get it checked out.


CKA - September 18

Thanks for your quick reply. I had a quick look at Dermatographia and I dont think thats me. I dont get any red swelling from scratching AT ALL! It must be something else. The similarity is that I was bitten something like horseflies while mountain biking, the night it started. I THOUGHT it was a reaction to the insect bite. So if its possible that Dermatographia doesnt have the red raised swelling, then it might well be. But thanks for the advice I thought of seeing a GP but perhaps a Dermatologist is better. I've just moved to Japan, so the communication problems make things difficult, hence my looking here before going to show and give actions as my vocab is limited! Haha! Thanks again for responding! ;)


aviks - September 18

I didn’t have any noticeable red swelling from scratching either …well, maybe a little, but not like you read on the internet. Sadly, what you find on the internet about it is limited and most doctors don’t know all that much about it. They still prescribed drugs that would make matters worse. Like I said, it still could be something else. Regardless, try to stay away from those foods and drugs for a few days, and see what happens, it can’t hurt. It might be another type of urticaria. Even if it was allergies, reducing your histamine can help that too. Whatever it is, you’ll need your thyroid and a few other things checked out. GOOD LUCK!


aviks - September 18

btw… it so happens my dermatologist also suffers from Dermatographia. This could be why she was the one to diagnose me. This is after seeing several other doctors, including my GP.


grasmussen - October 5

I think that my itching was caused by an underlying systemic candidia infection turned fungal, that I have had most of my life and can't seem to get rid of. Started using the Garden of Life products by Jordan Rubin, which seem to be helping. The Primal Defense and Fungal Defense are recommended for reducing the effects of the infection. You have to put yourself on a restricted diet to remove the things that feed the fungus, for a period of time. My severe itching started after I had a severe reaction to anasthesia that the dentist gave me, early this summer. I think that other health problems can trigger it. Please help yourself and get the book "Patient Heal Thyself", read it and follow his protocol, and you will be healthier for it. Blessings to you on your path to healing.


Sleepless - October 19 was quite awhile since I wrote about my itching torso on here thinking possibly it was my gel nails that I removed thinking I was allergic. Yet searching for other possible causes.

I am back to tell you that it wasn't the nails and I don't have fibromyalgia either. I payed close attention to what I was doing prior to the itching coming on because it would go away for awhile and come back each month. I thought for awhile it was possibly hormonal going through menopause symptoms as I am 50.

So here is what it is kind of embarassing to admit but every month prior to my cycle I get anxiety about my health. I get so worried can't sleep it's weird I know but what I do is get up and take a bayer aspirin cause my heart is racing and I think about my Dad who once had a heart attack.
So then I go to sleep and I do this each night but only during my cycle this is when the itching also comes on. I also would get when I am up and about in moring or night once in awhile a zap like quick tingle on top of my foot would look down thinking what just bit me!..and nothing is there this happened off and on...and no signs of bug bites either.

What I started to notice was a pattern and it honestly took about 6 mo to discover it wasn't hormonal or caused by my cycle at all....


I stopped taking it and each month I have a cycle and start to have any anxiety or worries I don't reach for the bayer aspirin anymore. What actually made me stop was reading about bayer aspirin can cause side effects not everyone should be on it daily like so many doctors recommend 1 a got to be careful taking it google it and learn about side effects it doesn't just thin your blood.

So I am itch free been that way as well as the invisible bug bite feelings that happened on top of my feet!
It sure drove me crazy...but I am feeling so much better without the monthly itching!

My blessings go out to those that have Fibromyalgia that you find relief and become pain free. more...gee I better get to bed!'s late!~



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