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itching: ants all over my body
2 Replies
Margarete - April 5

The moment I lie down at night, I get the itches - it starts in 1 or 2 unrelated places
on the skin of some body parts. If I naturally react and rub or scratch, it takes on from there to all over - usually 3 to 5 places at once. It seems to affect the whole lymph system, especially under the collar bones, muscles between shoulders and
chest 'underarms', along chest bone around breasts and lower legs, tops of feet.
When I keep scratching, I can go all night. I have to hypnotize myself into 'letting go of resistance', sinking iand relaxing into '"deep wellness in every cell" and imagine every cell relaxing. However, that will not always work when the lymph and nervous system has already 'been firing up' too much. . .
I'm trying to find the culprit in my (very careful) diet. Last night I was reading about
the leaky gut, is said to be one cause of most auto-immune dysfunctions.
Although dairy and cheese muscle-test fine with me, it is said that if you're not
"allergic" to them, your test may mean that you may tolerate 'a little bit' of whatever you 'test akay', bot don't know what other a-typical reactions you're having (without being able to make a connection in your mind). So now I will test
myself asking "how much of this is okay for me to eat at this time": l/2 cup of - joghurt /slices of cheese etc. I use the pendulum method since my buddy isn't available most of the day.
Maybe your can find out for yourselves that way, too, what you have to be careful of in your diet. . .

I'll let you know how I'm faring with this - I have hope.
Have a good day - my first day on this or any forum ever: I was really looking for
an alternative solution, but don't find anything here about itching/skin/lymph/nerves. . ..


Margarete - April 10

There seems to be no interest.


samjul123 - October 17

I know this is an old post but I just joined this forum ...I too recently started having the itchy only at night ...legs arms and chest ...I went to a skin specialist they blew it off and game me some cream may be right ..I may get myself tested for this.



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