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jumping extremties severe lost of memory
4 Replies
#1exnurse - October 18

had fibro 8 years some good times but alot of bad my whole body trembles to the point that i can't print my memory scares me i'v tried to dial the tv remote several times my husband will tell me to stoptalking i'm not making any sense thank God he's understands i now have legs and arms that jump at any time.norestless leg probles does fibro get this bad


Robin1237 - October 20

Um, this is actually Lyme disease, a bacterial infection that inflames our nerves and soft tissues. And yes, it gets this bad, physically and mentally. You need to study about it at and connect with a Lyme-treating doctor.


#1exnurse - October 29

i've been tested for lymes disease several times thru blood tests.I did have a + result to ebstien (check spelling) barre's disease which at one time they thought was related to fibro.I did have a lymes test about 8 years ago which was negitive.i've seen a rheumatologist, internist, D.O who works with holistic medicine. several M.D,s who work with fibro pt's they all say i have fibro. they just never said it would get this bad. I currently am doing biofeed back massage. I do have tmd which i found a great dentist! to the other qustions i read I do drop things all the time, i walk like i'm drunk , and i don't even drink or take narcotics.I don't have restless leg syndrome i have had 2 sleep studies.It's just so good to know other people have had it this bad. Also i did get disability but i also have depression which i'm sure helped out with.I really am not crazy i was a very good ,smart ,caring nurse in the ER fo 10 years, i guess sometimes people think that we fibro pt's are. thanks so much for listening .#1exnurse


melvian - October 30

What are you eating and drinking? I've done a little research on fibro and noticed that certain foods make symptoms worse. Do you see a chiropractor? Maybe receiving a treatment would help. Just a thought.


Fantod - November 1

Do you take Malic Acid? This could help with some of your muscle problems. Also try phosphatidylserine for your memory issues. Also, a calcium supplement with magnesium wil help relax your muscles. As always, be careful using homeopathic remedies and understand the doses. Best of luck to you.



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