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George - November 17

Hi all,

I am working with Kambo, which is a secration of a green frog from the Amazon rain forest. My health has improved greatly. Is here a place to share it. I don't see much of alternative treatments. Is this forum oriented towards big-pharma... or is alternative.

If is appropriate I will write my report here.



SamMarra - March 7

Hey George,
my name is Sam, I'm a RN and also work with natural medicines and healing modalities other than the biomedical western model.. I am researching Kambo as a treatment for MS and came upon your post here.. I would be very interested in your experiences if you are willing to share them... I can pass on my email if you want or if you would prefer to share on here that is cool also..


rild - March 14

Hey Sam

Jay with MS - After a few years with MS untreated, I started searching for something that worked.

I did Kambo two points every two days except in mid winter when I slowed to two points every eight days. Not only did the progress of my MS stop but I got slowly better. After about three years I started experimenting with other treatments that did not involve so many burns. Kambo worked best but two of the other three that worked are LDN and ayahuasca. (The third was less legal.) If you would like more info on my Kambo, I can be reached at


ryan299 - January 5

Hello George,

I don't know if this is the right forum or not but I certainly would like to hear what you have to say. I've heard good and bad things about kambo but would like to hear what someone with fibromyalgia has to say.



rild - January 6

I used kambo for almost 3 years for MS. I used 2 points every 2 days except in winter when I was able to drop to about every 10 days. I have kambo from five different sources and some is clearly better than others. It works extremely well. While using kambo, I got better!
LDN, which I now use, is much easier to use and has great side effects, but does not work as well. So I add kambo one night a week.
For fibro, I know several people who use THC or CBD and one who uses a shaker table but none who have tried kambo. I expect kambo would work.



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