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knee pain
2 Replies
Djae - May 29

Recently diagnosed. Although, have had symptoms for years. I have met all 18 tender points on my body. At this time the most severe is my knees and calves. The pain is so bad. Does anyone have any suggestions on reducing the pain? I would love to hear from you.


January - June 20

For the knees, weight loss will help. There is a natural supplement called Hydraplenish by Nature's Way that I've found to be helpful for knee pain. (Before you take anything, make sure you check with your doctor!) I called the company, and they told me Hydraplenish is made of collagen derived from chicken bones. I've recently read some studies confirming that taking bio-collagen does help with joint pain.

One thing I'd caution against is cortisone injections. This is something that many doctors offer the minute a person complains of joint pain. Cortisone only helps to relieve pain caused by inflammation - but cortisone is a steroid drug and causes uncomfortable systemic reactions in some people. There is also evidence that the injections actually cause harm to the joint tissues over time. Most importantly, there have been a lot of problems lately with cortisone injections because the cortisone was contaminated with fungus. NOT something you want in your body!

Not sure what kind of pain you're having in your calves. If you're having muscle cramps, it might be due to a lack of certain minerals. You might try taking a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement. But DO NOT overdo it, and make sure you work with your doctor. There are some health conditions that can interfere with the mineral balance in your body, and depending on what your situation is, there may be minerals you should NOT be taking. So check with your doctor first.

Hope you feel better soon!


jordanmakenzie - August 22

You have tight muscles. Stretching is the best thing. Yes, stretching hurts more but in the end, like the next hour/day, you will see the difference. Fibro sufferers must keep everything stretched out all the time.



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