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January - March 15

Hi everyone -- No one has yet responded to my post about mold possibly causing our mysterious fibro symptoms (in some cases). Please read my 3/13 post if interested, I don't want to repeat myself!

I just stumbled across a very informative website called moldmisery (dot) com. It's an extensive site, written by a woman who seems very well educated about alternative medicine, herbs, and healthy living. She has been living with illness caused by mold. She has links on her website about symptoms, physical health, what to do about mold in your living areas, how to treat with green products, etc.

Again, I am just starting to research a possible connection with mold and fibro. Mold is everywhere. Perhaps WE are overly sensitive to it. Many of the symptoms of mold toxicity sound like fibro symptoms!

Some more symptoms I've run across in my reading that I might not have mentioned in my previous post involve neurological problems, skin issues like brown spots or skin tags, tumors, cancer misdiagnosis, itching, watery eyes, twitching eyelids, blurry vision… still reading!

Best to you all! : )


Jocelyn - March 16

I have extremely serious allergies to everything that grows outside and what lives inside my house. I've often wondered if my fibro was caused by my severe allergies. I had shots since I was 12 years old, but by late 30's I couldn't tolerate the shots, had to go on med's 24/7, ended up with Sjogren's and can't take meds. Even with meds I could only be outside for 2 hours. I'm now on 2.5 mg prednisone for Sjogrens and it is a big help for my allergies, but I haven't notice the Fibro going away unless I am on high doses of prednisone which is too dangerous.


January - March 16

Hi Jocelyn. Me too! Asthma/allergies. I had times when they weren't so bad, thought I outgrew them. I agree, prednisone is not something anyone wants in high doses. I had a severe allergic reaction about 20 years ago and the allergist said I was allergic to mold. (I was given prednisone, which helped a lot.) I had years of shots and the allergies got better, BUT I got a fibro diagnosis.

The "approved" fibro treatments did NOT work for me! Made me worse. I was on a real doctor/dentist/ pharmaceuticals merry-go-round until I quit. Acupuncture helped, but I think the "medical treatments" made me worse. They fixed one issue, but gave me a few extra as side effects, some permanent.

I've heard that prednisone helps some people with fibro (I sure had more energy on it, but it's bad for your bones, etc). Technically, since fibro isn't an inflammatory disease, prednisone SHOULDN'T help…. so… Those of us who DO respond to prednisone might have some kind of allergic inflammation.

The mold site I read today stated mold illness has stages. In the beginning it's just allergic symptoms, but the longer you are exposed, the more it gets into your body and causes damage. A site I mentioned on my post today about "FMS Symptoms and Mold" has a very long list on one page of symptoms that are like fibro. I'll have to go back and check to see if Sjogren's is listed, but a number of diseases are linked to mold if later stages of exposure. This site says long term effects include cancer. And, interestingly, since I've lived in my older house, all 3 of my dogs got liver cancer.


dlrjdg - September 20

I wonder sometimes if mold is what caused me to have fibro. For one thing, the house we used to rent had black mold in the closet and we didn't know it. Then the tornado happened (we live in Joplin). Our house was damaged and since we rented, it didn't get fixed like it should have. We could smell the mold every time the air conditioner came on. Our car was damaged and the rain poured into it. We had to drive it for a while with the mold in it, so I had a lot of exposure. Now I have fibro.


January - September 22

Hi dlrjdg. I'm glad you resurrected this old post. I had forgotten about that excellent website I found. Sounds like you got a pretty huge dose of mold exposure. Did you ever find a doctor that knew about mold? I think most doctors aren't educated in that area - especially long term health consequences. Hope you are living in a clean environment now. What a tragedy that you had to go through that tornado!

I think the mold and dust exposure lowered my tolerance - so I became "more" allergic to all kinds of things that maybe bothered me a little before, but not enough to notice. I discovered that a gluten-free diet really reduced my pain level. I also got to the point where I could not tolerate any SSRIs and SNRIs, can't even take NSAIDs anymore. For me, I try to keep things as simple and as natural as possible now.

I hope you have been able to get some help for your fibro - and do some research to figure out what will help with your symptoms. I think fibro is a "dumping ground" for all kinds of diseases that cause pain - doctors don't do enough careful diagnosis, and sometimes you have to fight for it. Good luck with feeling better. Let us know if you find out anything about mold and fibro!


SusanMorgan - January 14

I think people who are sensitive to mold or have a pre-existing health condition are encouraged to take steps to avoid mold growth in their home. You may buy mold removal products that are available in the marketplace or can call professional mold removal experts. You can read more about getting rid of mold at [



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