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More about ginger
5 Replies
dream69 - January 17

If you want to try ginger, then I would recommend you to reduce your current medications such as muscle relaxants, pain medications, sleep aids and etc. If you have other conditions other than fibromyalgia, then consult your doctor (they may not know much about interactions that ginger may have). Ginger is very potent and it can interact with your current medications and supplements. However, ginger can also decrease your dependency on some medications if not all. What is great about ginger is that it’s safe by itself and it has multiple uses. One tea for multiple uses for one disease with multiple symptoms, great isn’t it. I recommend 1 or 2 teas per day; this is way under any dose that would cause side effects. Ginger will thin your blood so do not combine it with other analgesics or blood thinners or other herbal supplements. If you have questions about drug interactions with ginger feel free to ask. I will check for you in our database


Patrice - January 17

dream 69 ... thanks for the information and links


BrandyO - January 17

Hi Dream69....Where do I buy this ginger tea. It sounds like something I would be willing to try. Thanks! Brandy :)


dream69 - January 18

I buy it at an international supermarket called Fiesta (which is everywhere in TEXAS). You can probably buy it @ Whole foods, Vitamin shop, health food store, or an ethnic grocery store. The only brand I have tried is ALVITA. I am curious to know if other brands are as potent as ALVITA.


JJ1 - January 18

I don't know how wise it is to tell people to stop taking their existing medications. I think people should talk to their doctor before stopping certain meds. A pharmacist may be able to help you with possible interactions. I saw on one of the websites that you shouldn't take if on blood thinners like coumadin or if taking a certain cancer medication. Also advised not to take if you have gallbladder problems. The link I incuded in the other discussion on ginger also mentions dosages. I have always used ginger ale to settle an upset stomach -- not sure how much ginger is actually in ginger ale, though. the web link also mentions gingerbread and ginger snap cookies as sources.


dream69 - January 18

The whole idea is to eventually live a life med free and symptom free. Your doctor may or may not agree with this. Then again conventional doctors are not trained in herbalism. I totally agree if there are other complications such as the gall bladder you should not take ginger at all in any form. Taking the ginger while on other drugs may enhance their effects and also side effects.



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