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More job troubles
2 Replies
solanadelfina - July 8

Last year, I fought with corporate for two months for the right to use a stool at a cash register with the plantar fasciitis. It wasn't pretty, and I ended up writing a complaint letter to HQ and mentioning the ADA before anything got resolved. My corporate manager's motto to me is "No special treatment" and the store manager does whatever corporate wants.

I've been called for discussions about my 'terrible customer service', (and I'll be the first to admit that it's been suffering on my bad days,) and have been suspended from work until a meeting is arranged 'as soon as possible'. Could be a day, a week, I don't know. I've gotten verbal warnings, but nothing in writing. Apparently, corporate just sent an email to my manager recently. So I'm using the time to do heavy duty job-hunting.

Is it possible to mention that the fibro and the fact that corporate and my manager have been completely unhelpful and unsympathetic to help out at all? I've had the feeling that they'd try and get rid of me, but the pain and dizziness have been much worse this summer, and I haven't taken the proper care to be a perfect worker. We're also in 'hell season', when floods of books are coming in and our time to work on it lessened, there are many more customers and lots of whiny kids with the 'summer reading program', and my patience is wearing thin. I've been short and impolite, especially on the phone, but it's just overwhelming. I've asked for part-time in the past, but was turned down because it would be 'too much trouble.' (We're the smallest store in the state. A girl at another location with this was able to get part-time.)

The mindset difference between going into a job with managers who care for their workers or are completely uncaring is huge. (I'm also not the only one drawing corporate's wrath- another girl has been having loads of problems for other reasons.) I'm also not quite sure what to apply for. I'm an excellent and fast typist, I have a brilliant memory, I'm a good writer, and I have a BA in biology. My pain is under control for the most part- it's the lightheadedness that's my biggest enemy now. I'd love to work at home if possible, since driving some days is tricky, but so many things are scams or uncertain. When do I mention the need for little breaks, or that I have to eat a snack halfway through the first portion of a shift so I don't get faint from low blood sugar?

Who would be a good person to talk to, I wonder? I still live at home and my mom is a nurse who's trying to help me out, but she's not sure what all we should do, either. We're going to call a wonderful supervisor in the county who was a social worker, but any more suggestions would be wonderful. I guess I'm just wondering what would be a good direction to go into or who to go for some help.


ufdacentral - July 8

Hi..I am sorry I don't have any suggestions about your job situation, I haven't worked out in several years and my hubby says the work world has really changed. The reason I am writing is because you mentioned severe dizziness a couple of times. Is the dizziness due to some condition other then fibro? I have suffered with bouts of severe dizziness and the doctor prescribed Meclizine 25mg twice a day. It really helps but I have to make sure I take it every day faithfully. Sometimes I get a bad spell and have to take another couple of pills in the day...but mostly it works. I can't stand being dizzy has to be one of the worst feelings ever!! I was just told I am pre-diabetic and there are times my sugar takes a dive and boy howdy between the fibro and the sugar its quite a trip. Maybe if you haven't tried meclizine you might ask your doctor about it. Your mom is a nurse maybe she knows if it might help in your case. I hope things turn out okay for you! Blessings.


lucky13 - July 8

If you could find an attorney who would be willing to help by sending a letter or something would be a world of help, most organizations straighten up if they think an employee has an attorney and they know they have broken the law (which they have by refusing to help you under the ada guidlines and treating you differently due to your disability).
Also anytime there are issues at work, you should keep a journal, document everything, date each entry, you can write about how they treat you, and also they bad way they treat others who are sick or have medical problems. Also document anything that looks like they are making a hostile work enviorment for you.

As far as types of jobs to apply for, do you have a local college or community college, most will take a BA for thier professors, also online classes are very big right now so if you could land an online teaching job, that may be just what you need. Or substatute teaching for your local school system, that way you can pick and choose what days you agree to work on (though in the begining you'll want to take every offer so the teachers remember your name and call you first).
Do you have a local employment center, sometimes they will help those who have a disability to find work, or they do testing so you'll have documentation on your typing speed, this could be helpful for your job hunt.
Good luck. I know how hard it is to work in an enviroment where managment it lacking and you fear for your job.



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