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Morniing stiffness/pain
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chezzausauk - March 23

Hi Fibromites. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 15 years ago! My FMS was triggers by a severe emotional stressful time in my life. One night I went to bed, like any other night however the morning that followed this night has changed my life forever! Over the past 2 months, I have been experiencing severe morning pain/stiffness. I mean just to simply roll over and switch my alarm off is agonizing! Every morning I wake to crying my eyes out and telling FMS exactly where I'd like it to go. Initially I didn't think this stiffness/pain was FMS but it indeed is. I am a moderately active individual who manages to hold a full time job. I've tried so hard over the years to fight this beast off to no avail. I was in a very good online support group for about 10 years but left as it was essentially a self loathing/moaning/medication conversations that simply isn't me. Believe me, I am medicated which I thinks fools people into thinking there is nothing wrong with me because I function. This is all just a vicious cycle of insanity. I don't want to take meds daily but if I don't there is no chance of me living a normal life, NONE! I've had the best GP who retired 3 months ago and I am gutted to have to start with a new dr again. The first time I went into my gp's office I noticed a book shelf and on this book shelf were books about FMS! I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Does anyone else get extreme morning stiffness/pain? I have days where I just want to stay in bed as I fear attempting to get out of it!


KarenLL - April 7

Hi, Yes I do indeed have terrible morning stiffness and pain. I simply cannot function until about noon every day. If I have an early appointment it's very difficult for me to do, but I push through. I no longer work as a nurse and haven't for many years. I got SSDI for a "Mental Condition" not for Fibro but I didn't complain. I can no longer take any opioid meds as I was just recently diagnosed with Gastroparesis.

But I digress. I was diagnosed in 1997 before Fibro was even on the map by a very young, very smart Doctor. I faced years of disbelief, negativity, etc.

The morning pain and stiffness has been getting worse as I get older. I'm 58 now and am developing osteoarthritis along with my severe degenerative disc disease and a herniated L5_S1 which ended my nursing career.

I can only suggest you try alternative therapies such as massage, chiropractic (alternative, which means she doesn't crack anything on me, just works my trigger points) warm baths before bed.

I still have trouble accepting that I am chronically ill and I hate it with every fiber of my being. I don't want to be like this.

I sympathize with you and can offer support and the few suggestions I have made. Try to keep working if you can. You can also try some therapy. Cognitive therapy to learn new self talk, positive talk to yourself. It didn't work for me, I have too many childhood issues that I believe led me down this miserable road.

I understand your apprehension about a new doctor. Try to find one who knows about Fibro, call them and ask them if the doctor treats it, if not or you get a negative response, move on to the next.

You also probably don't get enough REM sleep because of the Fibro which means you don't get reparative sleep. I get virtually no REM sleep and I wake up in pain during the night, wake up in the morning more tired than when I went to bed and in severe pain.

I wish I could reach into the computer and give you a nice gentle hug.

You are not alone.

Karen (sorry, I tend to go on and on because I am pretty much homebound with no real friends.)



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