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Mouth sores
25 Replies
chowda72 - October 7

I did alot of research because i also have mouth soars.

i ave red soars with white edges, i get a blister like soar on my lip, also anything i eat or drink feels like my mouth was sprayed with pepper spray. stress makes my condition flair up.

my doc finally diagnosed me with Burning mouth syndrom its when your immune system starts to attack itself.


axxie - October 8

canker sours are pesky and some have more then others. There is a solution peroxide and water swish in mouth 2 to 3 times a day and change your toothpaste and toothbrush.

Drink more water, stop eating spicy foods and do take yogurt everyday, if not then do use pro-biotic everyday.

I started them when I first started taking cymbalta, but it went away, while I changed my diet. Also keep away from coffees, spices and sweets.


iliveinpain - October 8

Yes, I have this problem too. My tongue and the insides of my cheeks, sometimes the roof of my mouth all becomes red and blistered and it's so hard to talk and eat anything other than a soft diet. Anything salty or spicy will cause it to flare up, as well as stress. I went to an oral surgeon on the advice of my dentist. He did a biopsy, which was no biggie, he just did like a half an inch cut and 3 or 4 dissolving stitches. It came back as oral lichen planus. He gave me a rinse that I do twice a day - rinse 20 seconds and spit it out, and it works wonders. It's a prescription tho. I would suggest you approach your dentist about this because you really don't need to suffer so much when there is medication out there that helps this. It's on-going, and it is auto-immune, but at least now I can get my rinse going when I have a flare up. Good luck....


smilinhere - October 8

I get the sores every once in awhile. So, I've just been newly diagnosed, and my Dr., is very nice about it, however, is it true that some days you feel GREAT and other days HORRIBLE? Like today I could really curl in a ball and disappear, but Monday I was fine. I hurt all over today, i've tried lyrica but doens't seem to work. I take 4-5 advil and seems to take the edge off. Today my muscle are aching like i've worked out. HELP ME :(


katrinalove_1 - October 9

Hi MarciaV, I get canker sores sometimes when I have a fever and when my stomach is upset. I use kanka and it gets rid of them. It comes with a brush. You may have to much acid in your system and that can cause canker sores. Hope this helps.


chowda72 - October 10


Hi I have been diagnosed w/Fibromyalgia since I was 22. I am now 37. I also have mouth sores that show up when i get wicked stressed. they appear on my tongue, gums, & inside lips. When they show up I also get a huge blister like sore on my lip which hurts very much. when i eat or drink it feels like i sprayed my mouth with pepper spray. after doing many hours of research on-line and 2 tripps to my Doc. I was told i have Burning mouth syndrom. Its caused by autoimunne disorder attacking the tissues in the mouth.


Umkernaa - September 12



Umkernaa - September 12

Sorry about that above. I have always had cankersore which are especially bad during flare ups. I use to get them all the time though until I realized that it was caused by my toothpaste. The SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate in most toothpastes is part of the problem. I switched to sensodine and now I only get them before and during flareups but not all the time. Try switching to an SLS-free toothpaste like sensodine.


Umkernaa - November 14

Hi All,

I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 12 years. I have also had Canker sores all my life. Eventually I realized that I had an allergy to Sodium lauryl sulfate. I started using Sensodyn instead because it doesn’t have it.

I now still get canker sores right before I am going to have a flair up or get sick, but it reduced the number I get significantly cutting out sls


NicNac69 - December 12

Tty taking a folic acid supplement every day. When my mouth is sore I find its because I'm deficient in Folate or b vitamins. You need the Folate to absorb b vitamins though x



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