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my skin is so sensitive and itchy
10 Replies
mm30 - September 27

help my skin is so itchy all the time. popping antihistemines like sweets... is this another fibro back lash. wondering if its relating to hair loss problems im experiencing. :(
not really on any heavy made thats could be causing it. any ideas?


Noca - September 29

I got this cool antihistamine cream called "Dermatop" from my doctor. I just rub it on wherever I am itching and it goes away :D


kvc33 - October 3

I've had itching in response to all kinds of meds and supplements even at low doses. That's the first place to look. Is your skin dry? Do you take fish oil?


mm30 - October 3

yes i do take fish oil and other supplements but i guess i could moisturise more. my hair is falling out and my scalp is quite sore at times so im thinking there may be a connection. i think most of my problems are stress related. trying to illiminate some but its not easy.


ladryna - October 14

I haven't personally found anything that helps the itchiness. I have a (way to expensive) silk mumu kinda thing I wear when I have to have clothes on when my skin hurts/itches. sometimes it feels like I am being pummeled just from the ceiling fan wind. Its' awful. Also my husband found a pair of super soft pajamas at Kohl that are often a relief. I have children and can't just hang out naked :) Aside from that I just try to drink LOTS of water when I am itchy on the completely guessing idea that more water will make my skin more supple. Good Luck.. I feel your pain!!


kvc33 - October 16

Olive oil is an excellent natural moisturizer. Put a little on your hand and mix it with a bit of water and rub into skin until it no longer feels too greasy. Most likely it is our nerve endings causing the feelings of sensitivity and itchiness. If your skin looks fine it probably is fine.


axxie - October 18

Might want to get the doctor to check your thyroid functions. Loss of hair and itchy skin, thyroid does affect it.

If it's not that, then probably not drinking enough water, and not moisurizing enough.

another thing, is the meds you are own, could be the culprit.

anxiety and panick attacks don't help, either.


trixiemyrtle - November 5

My skin has been driving me crazy, the only thing I have found is to scrub my skin with a nail brush when I am in the shower and then apply having lotion that is for itchy skin and I have a lot of hair lose as well really notice when I shower



I have just recently (in the past couple of days) felt the itchy skin. It was so bad last night, my daughter was digging her nails into my back and neck trying to itch what I couldn't reach.. I am on 60 mg of Morphine twice a day. That is what I have attributed to the itchies! lol
I didn't know there was any link between Fibro and Itchy skin.


mm30 - November 6

ya its very frustrating. today i have been rubbing my back off all the walls in the house. i feel like i have a rash but nothing visible. hair still falling out too. VERY annoying but im trying so hard to ignore cause i think it maybe stress related. viscious circle


purple-chick - November 12

i suffer with it really bad some days, and then not so bad on others. i dont have any skin conditions, and my skin is really soft, so i see no other answer for it then the fibro



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