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Need Help With Birth Control Options & Fibro
2 Replies
[email protected] - August 18

Several years ago, I was put on the Yaz birth control pill for endometriosis. Within a month, I had a huge fibro flare up (until then, it had been more or less under control).

I'm planning to eventually have sex with my current boyfriend. He's happy to use condoms, but both of us would like there to be a second, back up birth control method if possible.

Has anyone had any success with hormonal contraceptives of any sort? I'd consider a non-hormonal IUD, but my periods are already bad enough the way they are. Have you had different experiences between estrogen/progesterone combos vs. estrogen or progesterone by themselves?

I'd ask an OBGYN, but I don't have total confidence that they'll be fibro-aware. :(

Thanks for your help!


nikita3 - August 21

I've been taking Yaz for several years now and also have fibromyalgia. However, when I started taking Yaz, I did go through a hard time until my body adjusted to the medication and the difference in cycles. I used to take Trifeme which had three different levels of hormone throughout the cycle. Yaz has the same, constant level of hormone every day and I have found that I am generally a lot better on that stable level.

Before taking any oral contraception I used to get really heavy periods which were painful and so I will probably always take oral contraceptives while my periods continue, just to make them a lighter, easier experience to get through.

Yaz, being a stable level of hormone, also gives me the opportunity to skip periods which is why I had wanted to be put on it and why I had persisted with it in the beginning. I am now having a period every third month. I believe that doctors say it is safe to skip periods, but that you should have one at least every three months. Does anyone have any different views about this?

Each medication works differently and what works for one person may not work for others. So it would also be good to hear from people taking other contraceptive pills besides Yaz, to see what their experience has been with fibromyalgia.


jordanmakenzie - August 22

I have fibromyalgia too. Lovely isn't it. It suprizes me that you are not on a birth control now. I went off "the pill" and the fibro made my periods pure H***. I never had bad periods. Mainly, the fibro pain during my periods was unbarable. I went back on the pill and everything calmed down. I was on Loestrin.



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