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Nerve pain
2 Replies
Wonka - March 29

With my fibromyalgia I get chronic sciatic pain (I've finally found a chiropractor who can settle this down, I went 3 years with it constantly and saw multiple disciplines -accupuncturist x2, physiosx3, chirox2, massagex4). I had originally been put on Neurontin for it but it affected my brain function so severely that I took myself off (I would forget conversations completely and on the same day without EVER recovering it).
I still get bouts of sciatic but the chiro fixes it. Recently I have also been getting feeling of having food or hairs in my mouth and on my tongue (only on the left side). It feels like I've had freezing and it's almost gone but not quite, if that makes any sense. I get these nerve pains in my face, on my hands at times but strangely all of them seem to happen on my left side only. Anyone else experience anything like this?


hellou - March 30

I too get LHS sciatic pain but the only thing that helps me is acupuncture.Also I have the feeling of hairs on the back of my tongue on the right side. I believe that this is linked to the post nasal drip and candida problems that a lot of us have. Try using a really good acidophilus tablet daily and cut down on sugar and dairy. Good luck


Wonka - March 31

This is actually on the left front side of my tongue. I was wondering if it is a nerve signal gone wild (like many of my other aches and pains). I was thinking of going off dairy again for a while, but not until after my birthday in 10 days, as I may still have villi damage from the celiac and I eat very little to no sugar (I'm hypoglycemic and have a family history of type 2 diabetes). I should probably take acidophilus. I have been eating alot of organic homemade yogurt but I'm not sure if the milk sugars are all consumed by the bacteria. I am really frustrated because I react to everything right now including water. Just venting. Thanks for responding.



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