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Neuropsychological test results
2 Replies
BrandyO - October 17

My neuropsychological test results are in and I did much better than I thought I would. I scored average on a lot of the test. I even score above average on two parts of it. But just as I suspected I was below average on the memory parts. So the doctor who read the test is going to recommend to my neurologist to start me on a prescription medicine that they give Alzheimer patients to enhance their memory. He assured me that I don't have Alzheimer but because of my strong family history of Alzheimer and dementia he felt I would benefit from these meds. He also recommends that I repeat the test in a year to compare results. I see my neurologist Nov 7th. I hope this puts the MS question to rest! Is there any one out there who is or knows someone on these meds? I would appreciate any feed back any one can give me. Soft hugs to you all.... Brandy


JJ1 - October 18

I am only 48 but also worry about memory loss and alzheimers. I have a strong family history - my father died from alz. complications and his brother has it as well, but they were both in their late 70s before diagnosed. I have wondered about seeing a neurologist. I am also approaching menopause and I know that it can cause memory problems as well.


BrandyO - October 18

Hi JJ1... My mother who died just short of her 76th birthday had dementia but her three sisters (all in their 80's when they passed) all died with full blown Alzheimer. I have had memory problems a long time, most likely due to the fibro but once I turned 50 my memory problems turned more severe and I started experiencing confusion too. That's what really scared me. My neurologist is an MS specialist who I have been seeing for over a year now. She has been following me for possible MS. I guess they can sometimes use these test to dx MS. I am hoping when I see her next month that MS was totally ruled out with these test. I looked up memory enhancing meds on line and the side effects sound scary so I am wondering if I am better off to let things alone for now as long as things don't get worse. I really like my neurologist so I will see what she thinks . I trust her opinion. Thanks for replying to my post. Take care... Brandy



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