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12 Replies
barbara s. - October 7

Hi, I am a newly diagnosed 50 year old female. My biggest issue is not being able to sleep more than 6 hours a night, and severe "brain fade". I'm lucky I can remember my own name. I fall asleep fine, but no matter when I go to bed, I wake up after 6 hours and that's it. At this point I feel I can deal with the pain, if only I were not so tired and disoriented. I don't want to take any drugs yet, because I feel if I start, I will be on them the rest of my life. Has anyone had any success with herbs? Ant advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks


AmberRose - October 8

I am 26 and have really bad brain fog as well. i started taking vitamins but im having trouble remembering to take them (figures) im taking vitamin c b12 and omega 3,6,9, Ive read that they are supposed to help, if only i can remember to take them i think they might.
Some tricks ive seen posted , (not sure if it was this forum or not) is to set a timer with a note underneath it so you wont forget things like who you need to call after lunch , or write down reminders on post it notes, i have a huge schedule i made on bristol board , it reminds me to clean , only one hour a day and what to clean , what time to start doing things , i should take my own advice about the timer thing for my vitamins i think!!! Oh and i have to write down what i want from the store or i will coem home with somethign completly different, allthough even when i write stuff down i will forgot 2 write soemthing down......if im goign grocery shopping ill keep a piece of paper handy for about 2 days b4 i go incase i run out of something i can write it down right away, it sucks but i dont know what else will work. unless we stop getting fatigued....which could be awhile. GOOD LUCK!


TERESA - October 8

Barbara S. welcome to this site! I've never really taken hebr by themselves, so I can't rreally tell you if they work or not. I'm new to the diagnosis to ( about 6 months ). I'm using both conventional & homeopathic medicine. I take echinacea, glucosamine, omega-3, a herbal hormone comb, & a lot of different vitamins & minerals. As for the sleeping problems, we all have them! I right now am taking amitriptylin for sleep. It's not working so far, but I just started it Friday. I've been lucky so far, my "brian fog" has not been bad. My biggest complaint is PAIN! It interfers with everything in my life. Hope this helps!


barbar - October 10

Hey Barbara S., this is Barbara F. Hope we don't get us Barbara's mixed up! I used to have torturous brain fog but I don't know where it's gone. My doctors have put me on a number of medications to help my focus. The first thing was to get the fatigue somewhat under control, although it remains a severe problem, but somewhere between the Cymbalta, the Provigial, the Lyrica, the Kepra and the Strattera, the brain fog went away. Your physician should be able to concoct a suitable cocktail for yours. Barbar (I typo-ed my name when I signed in the first time)


Jeanie - October 10

I'm 56 and the one Dr that I went to for a second opinion, when we talked about it decided that I have had fibro since I was little. It just got worse. Herbs, I'm sorry have never tried, to expensive for me. My pain Dr have me on Zanaflex which is a muscle relaxer at night. I sleep pretty good. I also have a hard time remembering things, especially taking my pills. You are going to be on herbs the rest of your life so really what's the difference if the drugs help. The only problem is that it's trial and error. Every time I went to the pschycologist and told her what was wrong. She started calling me the modern day Job. This forum is about the best thing so far that understands and cares. So stick around.


TERESA - October 10

I can luckly say (knock on my wooden head, lol) that fibro fog is one of the symptoms I am not experencing! The sleeping problem is another thing!! I can't stay asleep more than 4 hrs tops! Usually I sleep 4 hrs then wake up and can't get back to sleep. I doze on & off but no more than a hour or two. Then when it's time to get up, I'm dog tired. My doctor took me of the paxil & xanax I was on this last Fri. & put me on amitriptylin. I 've not really slept for 4days now. This not better it's worse!!! Anyone else have this problem with amitriptylin? What's everyone taking? I asked if Icould take a sleeping pill & the doc said no, not with the lycria. HELP!!!


barbara s. - October 10

Thank you all so much for responding. The reason I'd prefer to try herbs as a first course of action (I am not on any drugs yet), is because I am probably going to have to take them the rest of my life, and I would rather at least try something with fewer side effects. I did discuss it with my doctor, and he gave me his blessing, but isn't too up on the subject. He said I could try Valerian for sleep. I think I will experiment with myself. All I take now is ibuprofen as needed for pain, but my pain so far is manageable. Mostly more like bad flu muscle aches. Only occasionally really painful. I let you know if I have any luck. Thanks again


carm - October 11

I am a 37 fairly newly diagnosed FM person. I take Lesxapro at night and it really helps me sleep. I was having a terrible time with pain and sleeping and now I sleep 7 hours and feel much better in the morning then I have in a long time. I experience pain especially in my upper body and is worse with weather and stress. My fibro fog isn't to bad although I threw my keys in the garbage recently and my husband found them. I also take a multivitamin and celbrex which also helps.


AmberRose - October 11

Did you know what kind of herbs you are goign to try?


Virg - October 11

Hi, You've got to realize you're dealing with two things. #1. You are newly diagnosed. Please make sure that you understand and realize that this is as situation you will have to accept and learn about. #. You are here on this forum so please use it. #3


Virg - October 11

Well that was certanily blunt the damn
computer just switched off. I agree with you regarding the drugs but that is the same thing as anything. Ask your doctor what you think might help. research it, could you handle the side effects and withdrawls. When you approach something head on its easier to handle.
There is no medicine for FMS that you take for the rest of your life.


barbar - October 11

Stay away from amitriptylin!!! It causes weight gain and sometimes, severe weight gain. I was on the stuff for 6 months and puto n 100 pounds (which I am slowly taking off). I have a psychopharmacologist who does nothing but manage my medication (10 meds) to make sure my other doctors have put me on the right ones and there's no interaction. Like an idiot, I didn't see him for a year and that's when the amitriptylin farce happened. I know make a point to see him every other month. Whatever my other doctors prescribe, this guy puts me on the latest and best. Also, he specializes in fibro and was one of the first to point out to me that the literature shows that whatever causes firbo, it affects that same part of the brain involved in depression. That's one of the reasons we tend to get both fibro and depression---our depression is a REAL biochemical disorder; we aren't just 'sad---and why anti-depressants work on our pain.


Gmasboy - October 11

Hi barbara s, I have to admit you are lucklier than me to get 6 hrs of sleep. I am lucky(and I mean lucky) if I get 3 solid hrs every night.
I suffer from RLS too and that keeps me up and walking our apt. most nights and when I do finally get to sleep, I am like a board in the morning...stiff....I honestly don't know how I function throughout the day at times with so much going on and a 5 1/2 running around.
I know this is not good to do, but at times I will have a glass of wine or beer around 8 pm and that helps...



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