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new flare up
3 Replies
lzzrd - May 6

I just found this forum. I was diagnosed with FM about 10 yrs ago. For the last 4 years I've had little symptoms and worked full time without any problems. I made sure I got enough rest and exercise. However, I just started a new job about 5 months ago and was assigned the night shift. The combination of lack of sleep and the stressful job has knocked me down. I am seeing a chiropractor for some relief, but the pain is almost unbearable. No one knows at work, and I just look tired like every other night shift worker. I sleep at every opportunity, and my family is starting to suffer from my lack of involvement.

I'm struggling with a way to talk to my supervisors about this. I didn't mention FM when I took the job...why should I, I was dealing with it nicely then? I need to keep this job! How do I approach this with management? I've had bad experiences in the past with bosses, telling me to buck it up and I'm just being lazy or don't want to work. Its making me gunshy.

I'm remembering my horrible experiences in the past and just wishing I could run away from all of this!! Any suggestions on how to deal with bosses or how to successfully manage working the night shift? Thanks!!


January - May 7

Hi lzzrd, and welcome. Don't know if you are in the US - but if so, you might google the Americans with Disabilities Act for starters - read up on it, and see if there is someplace where you could get some advice and advocacy. At least, familiarize yourself with the laws that apply.

No wonder you are experiencing flare-ups. Unless you're a night owl, working the night shift is hard on your body. (I AM a night owl, and working day jobs always made me sick!) Is there any way you could switch your hours to more "friendly" ones for your own biorhythms?

I swear by melatonin - it is often used for jet lag and to help with sleeping problems. I just read some research that it is more effective than most prescription meds. Are you able to get good sleep during the day when you're not working?


kvc33 - May 7

I don't see how you can continue with the night shift, it is bad for most people let alone those with fibro. I would enquire as to when you could be 'moved up' to a better shift. You have put in 5 months so perhaps at six you could ask for a meeting with your supervisor and tell them that you believe you have done a good job and now deserve a better shift, that is if they have a policy of assigning the night shift to new workers. I don't know where you are working or the nature of the business and that makes all the difference. Be ware that since you have fibro any and all future stresses will make it worse- plan for that.


lzzrd - May 9

Thanks for the advice! I've been actively trying to get a day shift. Its basically a seniority thing. Bids are posted and of the people that bid, highest seniority gets it. I'm definitely trying the melatonin, I've been taking Iboprofen PM, but it doesn't work that well.

Just hoping to bide my time and stay healthy enough until I can get a day shift (and not completely trash my body in the meantime!).



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