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new member have some questions please
10 Replies
mommie371 - June 24

i am new to this i hurt back in 2004 but before that had horrible periods for years till hyst-finally- but i have had pain in back legs tingling like red ants biting feet if stand to long numbness i do have herniated disc but over the years i gotten horrible hip pain shoulder pain pelvic pain that cant be explained {they can never explain why the pain} in the last 2 months i have started having sleeping problems bad hip pain wakes me up plus just cant sleep but im so tired all the time weakness dizzy ubstable and my pain has increased to unbearable getting very depressed since i hope everyday will get better and it doesnt i saw on hear here about urin frecquency but i have when i go it takes a long time it comes a little then stops and so forth anyone have that? i have alot ot trigger points by if ive had fbm for a while would it all of sudden get worse like this i cant stand the lack of energy and tiredness -does this sound like fbm to you im very comfused i see a pain dr for my back and am on strong meds but they are not working now this all has progressed over 2 month time and how do i approach my dr with this sorry so long thank you


RavenFax - June 24

I was only diagnosed last week but if I look back at my history I have been suffering symptoms for almost 20 yrs. Up until last june I could still do everything. spending the day at the mall. taking the kids to the zoo. previously i would have maybe 1 or 2 down days a month. after last june it got worse until my doctor FINALLY sent me to a rhumy. I hope this helps


mommie371 - June 24

so did it just get worse one day all of a sudden?? do you get dizzy when you wake up in am i am for like an hour since that started ive had headache everyday this past month has been bad its everyday


RavenFax - June 24

I am fortunate to not have fibro fog in am right now. I suffer from short term memory loss tho. and it gradually worsened for me over the past yr. I had a shoulder injury in june of last year the finally sealed my fate. Since that injury its pretty much just been down hill. however from every one here I have been reading that as soon as you can get diagnosed and on treatment it will lvl out pretty much. You will still have good and bad days. But we just need to find out what causes our flare ups and find the right doctors. Read all the info in the blue box at the top left of the page its alot and not all for one day but it contains a wealth of information!


mommie371 - June 25

is that what fibro fog is when you wke up dizzy-it just started for first time ever 1 month ago at first it lasted for days now its just when i wake up for 1 hr or so is the headache come from that too thats when they started daily too..thank you so much for all your help


solanadelfina - June 25

Hi, there, mommie, and welcome. You've mentioned the dizziness a few times- have you gone to see a neurologist or had any tests done for that? MRIs or EEGs can be used to check for causation or screen out other factors. That's one of the most irritating symptoms I've been fighting.

In the meantime, try getting up more slowly. When getting out of bed, it can help to stop at the sitting position and rest for a few minutes, then get to your feet and stop for a few moments, then get going. Some of us have hypotension problems that can be aggravated by position changes. More salt added to a diet can also help if it's that problem, but each person is different.

A lot of people seem to have been helped out by gentle massage, for the body and spirit. A lot of bath kits have little rubber tipped massagers that can feel very nice when gently rubbed over different areas of the body. Heat can also help, in the form of heating pads or hot baths that I swear by.

Have you been to a rheumatologist yet? They're the ones who diagnose you and can get you started on a treatment plan. The sooner you find out what works for you, the sooner you can get to feeling better. Many of us take meds for pain and for sleep- I use tramadol for the pain and Flexeril for a muscle relaxant at night.

Everybody's onset is different. I had wrist pain eight years ago that slowly spread to other areas of my body, and I was finally diagnosed last August.

Please don't feel guilty about having questions- that's what we're here for. Keep us updated, and we'll answer what we can for you. God bless. :)


mommie371 - June 25

ok so im going to bring all these new symptoms to my dr what do you recommend i say or bring or do i say i think i have fbm can you check i dont know why but i feel like he'll thnk im nuts. oh and does anyone else have the lovely purpleish red rash on there thighs and when i stand still for 10 min or more get discoloratin of feet thanks guys for all your help feels better to know im not alone


RavenFax - June 25

I know how you feel about telling your doctor. I tried for a year before i finally convnced mine to send me to a rhumy. I would suggest keeping a written list. Approach your doctor with the list and discribe to him what you are going through so that he can visualize it. IE.. the pain is so intense i am unable to button my shirt.. List all the symptoms you are feeling and tell him you would like to be evaluated for FMS. I know with my doctor (whom I am in the process of replacing) will ask me how I know i have this or that issue and act like I am trying to do his job. I finally told him I have been in this body for 41 yrs I know when something isn't right. I may not know what it was but that was his job!

Hope this helps


solanadelfina - June 25

Hi again, mommie.

Raven's right in that a list is the best way to go. Be as specific as possible, if your symptoms are worse at a certain time of day or if you've noticed that anything triggers a certain symptom. It can be hard to just remember everything, especially when at a visit. Also add any medications you're taking or anything that has helped. All of those are clues to help your doctor out. We have to work alongside our doctors on this, because we know how we feel and they do not.

I would also suggest bringing someone along. It can be great for the moral support, as well as sometimes they'll remember something you don't, especially if it's something you've grown accustomed to. My mom has accompanied me to almost all of my appointments.

Sweetie, it's unfortunate that some doctors still don't understand what we go through. If one doesn't help you, go to someone who will. Many people have stated that we have to be our own advocates, and it's true. This is our life and our health that we're talking about, and there's nothing more important.

Keep us updated, and keep asking questions. It's how we find answers. :)


mommie371 - June 26

thank you both so much for your help i will let you know how it goes it seems ive been in pain for so long and alaways feel they dont understand so i stopped going for so long like 2 years but i cant take this anymore so il try again thank you again for the support


RavenFax - June 26

I am so glad that we have found this site. Thats what we are gathering here for, support. Keep us posted on your progress please!



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