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New to website and just diagnosed today!!!
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n-need2 - November 15

In need of help 2.....Hello all, I started looking over this website and I was just blown away by the amount of support received from each of you......I am sitting here crying, poor pitiful me......I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia today...I have been in pain for sometime, they have ran ever test possible and all came back negative, so today, my regular dr. told me this has to be it, 16 out of 18 positive trigger points......and I have had pain for at least 16-18 months....mine is generally related to hormonal changes, that is why I count months.....I was wondering if this is typical and also this time, not only being related to hormones, it also raining like crazy, so I can hardly walk.......This is my worst flare yet.......I appreciate any advice you have for me, and thanks for my listening to me whine....
Amy Q.


islandguy - November 15

n-need2....welcome to the site. 16 out of 18 I feel your pain. And it HURTS. .Changing weather affects most of us on this site and it's sort of never ending. Baro. pressure, humidity, and temps are all over the place this time of year and it causes all kinds of problems with fibros.
We have all had what we think is the "worst flare of our lives" until the next one comes. Lyrica helps a lot of the people and it has been approved as a drug for fibromyalgia. Has your doctor discussed lyrica with you. There are also a number of pain meds that maybe he prescribed for you. Myself , I am on the lidocaine treatment and it works well for me. There are a lot of people here with great tips and ideas so keep asking the questions. In the meantime I wish you a short flare.......take care....


shonlaw - November 15

hi n need..... sorry to hear about the diagnosis but glad that you finally know what is going on so that you can take action. I was diagnosed 7 years ago but did not accept it until recently, so i feel like i am just starting. i have jsut had two babies back to back(13 months apart) so the hormonal thing is definitely in affect. i pray that u have a good support system. i don't know what i would do without this forum because the general public is not too aware of our disease. i see a orthopedic dr and he has recommended acupuncture to me. he said that he doesn't believe in alternative methods but his wife has fm and she swears by it, so of course i am going to take her word for it. i go for the first time on monday and i will post my results if you are interested. i'm desperate because the meds don't work and i'm afraid to take anything stronger because of the two infants. my next step is to get a rheumatologist involved in my care. i have read and been told that they are usually better with handling fm. good luck.


Gabbie - November 16

Hi need2 and welcome. I cried also when first found this forum and began reading the many posts and realized that I could share with people who truly understand. I've had continuous pain for about a year or so, less on some days, more on others. I've had more pain lately, but the weather is getting colder and if it's damp/rainy, I feel worse. I use prescribed lidocaine cream on some of the pressure points (by the knees, elbows and hips) and it does lessen the intensity of the pain. I wish you some better days ahead and hope that you will use this site often. It really helps!


lisa1 - November 16

n-need2..Sorry to hear you are feeling bad. When I was first diag they stopped counting trigger points after 11. I was having a very bad pain day that day. I have also had every type of test possible over the last 2 years. The fustration of this disease can sometimes be a little overwhelming. You will find alot of ideas and support here. The biggest tip everyone here has given me is to get educated on FM, get a good Rheume, and ask alot of questions. There are many who care and wish you well.



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