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newly diagnosed
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jpilarczyk - April 29

hello all

ive just been newly diagnosed, almost 2 weeks ago now after almost 2 years of trying to figure out what was wrong with me. completly torn--so glad to finally have some answers to work with, but so uncertain of my future. the diagnosis seems to have answered alot of other questions about my health too--turns out my migrains and stomach issues are linked to this as well. its like all the pieces of the puzzle finally fit together.

i have been reading alot of post here and am finding myself blessed that im not in as bad shape as some of the members on here. i can still function pretty reguarly on a day to day basis. winter months seem to be the worse. thats when i seem to experience the most pains. now that the weather is clearing up, im starting to feel better. there were times through the winter i could barely make it up and down our stairs at home. the fibro seems to realy attack my legs, hips, knees, and feet the most. sometimes it feels as if the bottoms of my feet are just on fire.

i think the thing that bugs me the most is the fatigue and the lack of sleep. that is just the absolute worst! you would think being so completly exhausted i would have no problem sleeping--not the case. i have no problem falling asleep--its staying asleep. makes me crazy! and the worse the sleep is, the worse the next day is pain wise. such a crazy cycle.

recenty started taking cymbalta 30mg. starting to notice that its helping a little. though its only been a week and a half. this weekend it gets bumped up to 60mg. only side effect i notice is that it made me yawn alot when i first started it. now not so much. hoping that when i get bumped up to 60mgs that it does not make me too drousy.

my husband has been the best. he is the most supportive person i could have asked for. when im having a good day and doing things around the house, he is the one to remind me not to over due it. he has started helping out more and just listens when i need it. he has been amazing. he has admitted that he does not fully understand fybro, but i have directed him here to help.

glad to have found this site. full of such usefull information and support. hope to make some friends and hope to help and to be an ear for someone else.



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