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Numbnes in extremities
6 Replies
Cher0208 - March 6

So when the onset of my fibromyalgia symptoms began almost a year ago, one of my main complaints was the numbness and tingling mainly in my extremities. That symptom pretty much faded away until I completely forgot about it, dealing mostly with pain and blurry vision among other things. At some point last week I began having a numb sensation in my left foot (pinky toe) which I have had before and I paid no mind because its gone away in the past. I've been to two neurologists who confirmed that there was no nerve damage. This was last year. Now this is getting worse by the day. It's in both hands and feet and I'm starting to feel it in my arms and legs. It feels numb and tingles. And sometimes my fingers will be very cold. It's uncomfortable, annoying and...of course like everything else is freaking me out. Yesterday, I went to the chiropractor and had an adjustment. He found that I was severely tight in my upper and lower back, as well as my neck. He did trigger point therapy for my TMJ as I have been clenching my teeth at night again. I need advice on what to do. Go back to neurologist? Could this be that Reynaud's Phenomenon? And if so what do I do about it? I'm going to exercise now to increase blood flow. Could I be taking too much of a supplement or mineral? I'm taking Alive Whole Food Vitamins as well as fish oil, vitamin E, and magnesium. My chiropractor/nutritionist told me not to isolate minerals. We all know that magnesium should be taken with calcium. Any advice is always greatly appreciated. On a positive note there has been no blurry vision and almost no pain. Maybe because I'm super focused on the numbness...


Fantod - March 6

Cher0208 - This does not sound like Raynauds to me. Are your nails or fingers ever blue? I believe that your extremities are cold because of your nerves being impacted in some way. Have you ever had an MRI on your neck and back to see if there is a disc or bone spurs that are putting pressure on something? You need to get into the doctor right away. This potentially serious. It might be be Raynauds and I'd certainly ask about that when you do see the doctor. They never seem to link Raynauds and FMS. Good luck and take care.


Cher0208 - March 7

Definitely going to call a doctor tomorrow. But which one? I'm assuming I should call my Neurologist. Or should I go to a Rheumatologist? I have had an MRI once back in October. It was an MRI of my brain and they didn't find anything. Maybe they need to check my spine this time. Also, fingers don't look blue, neither do my toes.


Fantod - March 7

I'd see an orthopedist who specializes in spines. May as well cut right to the chase since the neurologist doesn't seem to be getting anywhere. Good luck and keep in touch.


Cher0208 - March 7

Okay, I made an appointment with the neurologist this morning before I saw your post. I will ask him to refer me to an orthopedist. Hopefully I can get an MRI also. Thanks Fantod.


January - March 7

Hi Cher - could I suggest, if you can, try to get a sitting MRI? I have back problems, and it was the sitting MRI that showed them up, loud and clear. I wasted too much time and money on other types of scans. Good luck with it!


Cher0208 - March 8

Hi all,

So the Neuro scheduled me for 2 MRI's, one of the back and one of the brain. Also will have 2 tests done at the office, one is a brain scan and the other is to test for damaged nerves. Feel relived already that I'm having tests done. I will call the place where I'm having the MRI to ask about the sitting up one. We'll see. I totally forgot to mention the orthopedist. I'll see him back in 3 weeks. Keep me in your prayers, please. January, did you have any numbness and tingling associated with your back problems?



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