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Off of Elavil
2 Replies
JJ1 - July 9

I have been singing the praises of Elavil on this forum. I really felt like it helped me a lot. My aches and pains all but disappeared 90% of the time while taking it. Well, thanks to the fibrofog that always envelops me, I lost my last prescription refill and also missed an appt. with the rheumatologist who is now mad at me so I let getting a new prescription slide. It has been over a month since I have taken it. Guess what. Still no aches and pains most of the time and I feel like my fibrofog has diminished. After excercise, I do feel a little more sore, but it clears up and I feel better like I usually do after exercise. I am also under quite a bit of stress now which usually means flare up, but haven't had it yet. I saw my hematologist yesterday regarding anemia and my iron stores actually went up since my last visit (never happens to me, I go down in iron consistently until I get my next IV injection of iron). She said that Elavil would not affect iron absorption, but I thought it strange. She gave me another script should I feel like I need to take it again, but I am kind of enjoying a lifting of the fog.


Gabbie - July 9

Hi JJ1. I'm wondering if some of the symptoms of fibro that you experience were even worse because of the Elavil. There are so many side effects to it, including "fog" and I believe also muscle aches and pains and other awful things. Possibly you are in a bit of a remission and that is why you are feeling a little better. Not taking the elavil if you don't need it (at least not now) is probably better for you and it will give you a chance to possibly figure out if some of your symptoms were worse because of it. Whatever the reason for your feeling better, good for you and I hope it continues.


JJ1 - July 22

Now over two months on no Elavil and wondering if it is catching up with me. Still no major pain, but I have felt the last week like I have the flu but no fever and on other cold symptoms. Just headachy, rundown and yesterday felt like a stomach virus. Today just back to headachey. I think I will give it a bit longer. I always write everything off to fibromyalgia, but it is possible that I could actually have a virus or something.



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