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one more thing
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sherrodguy - December 17

I seriously HATE sounding like a whiney baby, but seeing as you guys understand what this is all about, I need to unload for a quick second.
I feel like I AM NOT going to make it through this day without having a serious breakdown. And I really can't pinpoint any particular reason for feeling this way other than a bad start to my day, but I try very hard not to let that set the presidence. My Father always tells me it's all a state of mind, and I can usually change mine which sometimes brings me out from under the rain cloud and into the sunshine. Today, however, it's just not working. I'm thinking maybe I just need to head to the bathroom and beg the Big Man Upstairs for some peace of mind and positive thinking.
I work a part time job from 7:30-1:30 and then I change into my Realtor hat. I have office duty today at the Real Estate office, and all that keeps rolling through my mind is my EXCEPTIONALLY dirty house, my son about to be off for Christmas for two weeks, the fact that I am a hunting widow, if I will be able to find a good parking space for his program at school, how much pressure I find myself under dealing with all these new diagnosis', the dog needs to be walked today, (she hasn't been in four days, I can only imagine how she feels about that) and I suppose numerous other things among the fact that I HURT!! And I am tired of hurting!!
And to answer the question before it is asked, no, my husband is not a big help to me on a constant basis. Don't get me wrong. He's not a lazy man by any means, just not domestically motivated.
There will be one bright spot in my day, and I am trying to focus on that! Even though all these are bothering me I am taking some time for myself tonight to visit with a close friend of mine who also has FMS. It is VERY hard for me to completely relax though, knowing what I'll be going home to.
Anyone have any pointers on how they handle days like this??


Auvonto - December 17

there really is no set way to handle these situations i'm sorry to say. i know how you feel i have been there many times. i never thought that i could even have one good day let alone a whole week. i have been very fortunate to be feeling this way.i hope that you feel better soon.


kvc33 - December 17

You are feeling overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities as your mind is trying to take them on all at once. Write down the three things that are the most important to do today and do them and forget the rest. Sounds like the dog needs a walk and you might want to choose one room to clean. At a good time when you are not feeling stressed you need to have a talk with your husband about doing his share. Your son needs him and so do you. Be specific about what you want, don't blame or accuse and thank him for what he is already doing. It's not okay for him to leave you 'holding the bag' so that he can go hunting.


Fantod - December 17

Ang, you are very ill and under more stress than you can handle. You are going to drive yourself barking mad if you don't get some rest and help.

When I am having a similar day, I put on my dirty Harry hat. In a very rational manner, I decide what I absolutely have to do. That NEVER includes the whole list. Then I break it down further by determining if my selection/s are actually realistic based on how I feel and my energy level. At that point, something else usually gets kicked to the curb. Whatever is left becomes my plan which I stick to and ignore everything else. And I don't feel guilty about it either. Things will get done when and if you can do them. Learning to be grateful for what you can accomplish as opposed to what you can no longer manage is another key lesson of living with FMS.

And, you have other people living in your home who can help. You are not soley responsible for everything in the house. When the deer slayer gets home, you two are going to have to sit down and formulate a plan that will accomodate your illness and need for less stress and a lot of rest. Things have to change. Open communication is very important or there will be other problems down the road. Do you have family nearby that can pitch in to help you? How about some friends that can work out a rotating schedule of some kind?

I hope that you are going to begin treatment soon. The longer a chronic pain cycle continues, the harder it becomes to manage or stop. You will feel saner once a medication regimen has been established.

I hope that you enjoy your visit with your friend. It helps to talk to someone in the same boat about the kind of feelings you have described. Try to stay calm and enjoy the weekend. Take care.



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