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33 Replies
Debra. - September 16

Id like to know do any of you live in the Toronto?If you do what type of Doctor are you seeing?.


donna - May 11

I go to my GP in Aurora. She is familiar with FM and diagnosed me two years ago when I finally broke down & told her everything. She told me it's not normal to feel like I do, and that it wasn't all in my head (which I had thought it was for a few years) I was at the end of my rope 2 years ago & sometimes thought that sudden death would be welcome. She has put me on muscle relaxants to help me sleep, which it does. I used to wake up with my hands clenched tight & the tendonitis in my arms would be screaming. It's somewhat better now. Also told me to get into a gentle exercize program. So I go to Curves when I can, because you can work at your own pace. I still have horrible flare ups, particularly in winter. She has also advised me to change jobs so I would have less stress, but that is easier said than done.


Debra - May 12

Hi: Donna Thanks for responding.I'm glad that you have someone that understands fibro and someone that can help you.I dont know of any good Doctors in Toronto who can help me.I find that lots of people out here that have Fibromyalgia say that one day they feel so ,so and the next day they hurt alot.Well.i'm in extreme pain from my head to my toe 24 hours a day with no good days for about 4 years now.I know it must be hard for you and everyone else out here suffering from this horrilbe illness.I will pray for you and the others to be strong and to never give up the fight to be well again.Take good care.Always Debra.


JJ - May 12

Rheumatologists treat fibromyalgia.


Kim - May 12

My regular Primary Care Physician diagnosed me after running a bunch of tests and everything coming back ok.I had also discussed with him about my mother and grand-mother having FMS. After everything else was ruled out, he diagnosed the FMS. He then started me on a management program to help my pain and symptoms. I am feeling much better and although I am not symptom free, my pain is minimal and my symptoms bearable. I am taking Celexa, changed my diet to eliminate sugar and processed foods, am exercising at least 4 times a week, and have reduced stress at work.


athena - May 25

wouldn't a vascular doctor be able to help also, I would think so


Debra - May 26

Thanks to all of you that have left me a message.Well,as for a Rhuematologist that was a pure waste of time.Ive been seen by a few as well a neurologist .They dont even know what to say to me because i know more about Fibromyalgia then they do.Thats pretty sad that doctors are very uneducated when it comes to understanding how to treat chronic pain and how to treat the people that are suffering with respect.As for a Vascular Doctor i dont know what type of doctor that is.It sounds to me like a Vascular doctor would do treatment for your heart?.I wish you all the best of luck and always good health.Sincerely Debra.


Debra - May 26

Have you considered going to a FFC? They are located throughout the U.S. See for more information about the clinics. I went Monday for the first time and was fairly impressed. Yes, they are expensive, but considering what we spend going to "other" doctors who scratch their heads, give us prescriptions and send us on our way....


Lisa - May 26

Sorry, Debra, I had a " fibro fog moment", the previous entry is from me. I erroneously put in your name instead of mine.


Debra - May 27

Hi: Lisa Thanks so much for your reply.These clinics are not in Toronto Ontario Canada.I need a good one to go to in Toronto.I will pray for you that you will be well.Take good care of yourself.Sincerely Debra.


Jean_ - May 28

It is my experience that no doctor can be totally trusted. you must pick the right one that will help you the most and ask questions.


Debra - May 30

Hi: Jean thanks so much for your reply.I agree with you.This has been my life for the past 4 years going from Doctor to Doctor.To find one that you can trust and one that knows what there doing is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.Doctors dont care anymore.Its all about how much money they can make.It's a very sad world that we live in .But we have have the support out here on this site from people just like us that understand the terrible pain and endless sufffering from Fibromyalgia.Together we can help oneanother find a way out of this hole that we are all in.By the way you seem to be a very kind person and i'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always trying to help me and others out here.I hope to hear from you soon.Take good care. Debra P.S. Do you live in Canada?.


Debra - May 31

Hello to every one out here.I have noticed that im not the only one that has trouble spelling and remembering words.The brain slows down a little.This sucks so much.Well i feel more normal out here knowing that im not the only one with this problem.Fibromyalgia really effects all of the body from your brain to your toes.Take care.....Debra


JJ - June 1

I tried several rheumatologists before I found one I like (actually I like the office's nurse practioner -- I see her every other time -- she is most compasionate and seems more up to date on things to try to ease symptoms.


Debra - June 2

Hi: JJ. Thanks for your reply.I'm looking for a good Doctor that treats Fibromyalgia in Toronto Ontario,Canada.I'm very happy for you that you have found a good caring Doctor to help you.Good Doctors are hard to find.Good Luck and most importantly Good Health to you.Debra.


Debra - June 2

Hello: JJ Do you take any med's for your pain?And if you do.Do they help you at all?.Take care. Debra


JJ - June 2

My doctor has prescribed Mobic for pain but I do not take it very regularly. I try to minimize the meds and take just what is needed. I take Elavil regularly -- it definitely helps get me into the deep restful sleep which minimizes most of my pain.



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